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Arthritis in Dogs

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There are many forms of arthritis in dogs that can create pain. Like humans, dog arthritis is an inflammation of a joint or joints. Anywhere a dog has a joint they can have arthritis. The cartilage in the joint may be inflamed, but it can also be joint fluid causing the issues within the bones. The main types of arthritis in dogs are osteoarthritis, immune mediated, infective, and idiopathic arthritis.

Dealing With Canine Arthritis

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As is generally the case with humans, dogs also develop certain health issues as they age. As a dog owner you should pay special attention to your dog as he ages to catch conditions as they begin to develop, early detection increases the chance of successful treatment. You may find your dog begins to slow down and become less active… Read more »

A Guide to Effective Dog Arthritis Treatment

Dog arthritis is a common condition that besets many of our canine friends. It is usually caused by a variety of reasons like age, weight, genetics and even an injury. For the most of us, we can help prevent this from happening to our pet through making sure we give them the best care possible. However, if your pet is… Read more »

Jet Spits the Dummy – Or In This Case, the Tablet!

Do you have trouble giving your dog tablets? There are several tried and true methods that work for most dogs, but some dogs resist all attempts to give them tablets!