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Dog Foods

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What do you need to know about dog foods? What are healthy ingredients and what are not? Can we use the same food that we eat to our pets? What pet food products can I trust? Here is your essential guide to your dog’s nutritional needs. Well, there are many things that you can feed your dog but no, not… Read more »

Dog Food Ingredients

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Do you want to know what the most effective way to keep your dog healthy is? The answer is dog nutrition. When you take the time to learn and find out the best dog food ingredients that can benefit your dog, you will find yourself the owner of a handsome and happy canine indeed. Dogs are meat eaters by nature…. Read more »

Flint River Ranch Dog Food Review

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Flint River Ranch foods for dogs originated in 1993, when a fellow named Jim Flint decided to make it his mission to provide the finest cat and dog foods that would not only contribute to your pet’s health, but actually reduce the daily feeding cost.

Jim set up a family owned company, Flint River Ranch, for this purpose, and set to work.

Dog Food

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Dog Food

Welcome to the Dog Food section of Healthier Dogs.

It’s quite a topical issue right now, due to the massive dog food recalls that have gone on over the past few months.

What can we learn from this experience?