Stop Dog Chewing

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Stop Dog Chewing

Stop Dog ChewingOur dogs are our babies. They are adorable and for the most part, they are perfect. Sometimes though, they do things that really irritate us like chewing. Read on to find out more about how to stop dog chewing in this interesting article today.

How to Stop Dog Chewing

Before anything else, you have to understand that chewing is a natural habit innate in dogs. There are several reasons why canines chew and this is what you need to know first.

Puppies that are teething will have sore gums and chewing is a good way for them to relieve this discomfort. However, if your dog is chewing himself (self-mutilation), it is highly probable that he has some sort of skin disease that is really painful to him. You need to have him checked by a vet as soon as you are able to.

Stop Dog ChewingNow if these aren’t the reasons, then your pet might be chewing things simply because he is bored and the objects around him seem like interesting diversions he can play around with, with his teeth. If you want to stop dog chewing, you have to make sure he is mentally and physically stimulated with other things so that he pays no attention to the inanimate objects that he can chew.

Take him out for exercise regularly and spend quality time with him. At night or when you’re out of the house, leave a rubber bone or any doggie toy that he can chew on. It’s good to have him crate trained so that he is contained in his own space with limited access to things, but never send him to his crate as punishment for chewing. Crates are designed to be his safe haven and not a place of negativity.

More Ideas to Stop Dog Chewing

Stop Dog ChewingIf you don’t have a crate, then keep destruction to a minimum by stashing away things that are liable to be chewed. Yes, this may mean a bit of cleaning on your part. Remember, dogs will be attracted to your scent so your shoes, clothes and personal effects may be in danger. Protect them by keeping them out of the canine’s reach.

Another way to stop dog chewing is by sprinkling items that dogs always chew with an unpleasant flavor like cayenne pepper. Conversely, rub a little bit of peanut butter to your dog’s chew toys to encourage him to opt for these doggie toys rather than furniture or articles of clothing. If you do want to give real bones to your dog, don’t cook chicken or turkey bones because they easily splinter and might be a choking hazard to your pet.

Stop Dog ChewingDo not reprimand your dog when you see chewed up things. He will not understand. Only scold him when you catch him in the act so they won’t get confused. Remember that positive reinforcement is the most effective tool in dog training so to stop dog chewing, take away the wrong thing, replace it with the right toy and praise him or give him treats when he chooses the toy.

Part of dog training is to stop dog chewing up your belongings! Puppies need to chew and don’t yet understand that they should not chew your shoes, but once your dog is grown, he should know better, and only chew on his own chew toys. So to stop dog chewing other items should be a priority for any puppy owner.

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