Solid Gold Dog Food

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Solid Gold Dog Food

If you have had a pet for any number of years, you know that feeding him a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is critical to keep him as healthy as possible. This is best achieved with a raw and natural diet. However, if you are unable to provide this to your dog you can do the next best thing and feed him premium healthy pet food like Solid Gold dog food.

Solid Gold Dog FoodSolid Gold dog food is one of the best pet foods around in the market. They have been around since 1974 when the founder, Sissy Harrington-McGill recognized that the Great Danes in Germany lived longer than their American counterpart. So she took it upon herself to research and analyze quality ingredients so that she would be able to formulate the best dog food to feed to canines at home, hence the Solid Gold Health Pet Products, Inc. was born.

This stellar company believes in the efficacy of holistic dog food to prolong and improve the life of animals. Traditional treatments regard every sickness as an abnormal functioning of an isolated organ/system. The holistic philosophy views the body as a single unit that should be enhanced as a whole. In doing so, the individual sicknesses will take care of itself naturally whilst achieving optimal over-all health.

Solid Gold dog food only uses quality ingredients from all around the world. They are hermetically sealed so that the food is safe from external factors and easy to store. There is usually an expiration date stamped on each package but it would be ideal to use up the food around 3 months after opening. For canned pet food, use up in 3 to 5 days only.

Solid Gold Wolf KingI would suggest that you use dry dog food instead of canned food because the process used in canning food is not as healthy as that used with dry food. They have several excellent dry dog food products available. Sun Dancer Gluten Free dog food, Hundchen Flocken Puppy, Wolf-Cub Puppy, Hund-and-Flocken Adult Dog and Barking at The Moon dog food are just some examples of these really great products.

Choose the Solid Gold dog food product that will best serve your dog’s needs. For example, the Barking at the Moon dog food is a high-protein and loSolid Gold Just a Wee Bitw-carb dog food that a canine with a specific diet can benefit from. For puppies, the Just a Wee Bit dog food in appropriate amounts will serve your little friend well. Pet owners recommend the Holistique Blendz Adult dog food for senior dogs.

When you transition your pet from natural to pet food, make sure you don’t do it abruptly. Doing so will cause stress and even health complications. You can mix in some pieces of fruit or organ meat as treats, but always check with the vet first.

A healthy dog means a good-looking and happy dog that any master will be proud to own. Look for the best Solid Gold dog food products for your pet today.

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