Shock Collar Training

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Shock Collar TrainingThere are several methods and tools in dog training that are used by millions of pet owners from around the world. What are the best kinds to use? Have you heard about shock collar training? It sounds like an inhumane form of canine education, but what is it exactly? Find out more about this often controversial topic right here.

Shock Collar Training – What is it Exactly?

Shock collar training is the more unpopular term used for electronic collars or e-collars. Many people are absolutely against this and I wouldn’t blame them. I mean, it really does seem like something we would report to pet societies. However, we have to try to look at the other side of the story so we could have a more objective stand on it.

These devicShock Collar Traininges emit static electricity or vibrations of varying degrees and duration through the collar. There is a separate remote to control the intensity of vibration the collar emits. Some of the more high tech models include tone settings and GPS capabilities that is helpful in locating wandering pets.

Electronic collars were invented around the 1960s to put on hunting animals so they can be managed better. Nowadays, a variety of these e-collars are used for several functions: obedience training, tracking, pet containment and canine military or police training. More than anything though, a high percentage of electronic “shock” collars are being purchased by pet owners to further develop and domesticate their pets. But is shock collar training ever a good idea?

Positive Reinforcement and Shock Collar Training?

Shock Collar TrainingFor responsible pet owners who use these shock collars for dog training, it is notable that most of them only use them in lieu with positive reinforcement, and often when the dog is exhibiting extremely unruly behavior. So how do these masters use the shock collars in positive reinforcement?

The dog is fitted for this electronic collar. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Do not let your dog see that you are holding on to the device that controls the collar. You want him to feel safe with you, and indeed he is although it won’t seem like it to him if he realizes you are the one controlling the uncomfortable sensations he is feeling.

Set the vibration on low. If he is doing something that you do not approve of. Say firmly and loudly, “No!” then turn on the device. When he stops what he’s doing because of confusion, call him to you and praise him for stopping that unfavorable behavior. Ideally, you should keep the vibration on the lowest setting, but if this does nothing to him, you can try increasing the intensity to one level higher.

Dog Trainers and Shock Collar Training

Whatever your opinion is with shock collar training, it is important that people must never, ever abuse this by doing it excessively, improperly or without purpose. Doing so will definitely be detrimental to the dog’s mental and physical health. If you hired a dog trainer to keep your pet in check, find out if he uses shock collar training method. If this makes you uncomfortable, you should say so immediately and have him resort to a more neutral form of training instead.

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