Shih Tzu Common Health Problems

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Shih Tzu Common Health Problems

Shih Tzu Common Health ProblemsWhile you may be surfing the web to look for where you can adopt a Shih Tzu, it’s good that you came here
for a little bit to find out more about Shih Tzu common health problems and what you can do to make life easier for your precious little friend.  There are a few things cuter than a Shih Tzu!


Shih Tzu Common Health Problems


Some Shih Tzu common health problems are caused by the way their bodies are built. They have short legs and elongated torso leads and this deformity is called chondrodysplasia. This will will make him more predisposed to problems like intervertebral disk disease and eventually, arthritis. Do not overfeed the dog because the added weight will accelerate or worsen his condition.

Shih Tzus also suffer from patellar luxation. This is a disorder common to small dogs and curiously, strikes the females more than the male dogs. Many times this is a congenital disease, but in some cases, it is contracted because of trauma. Dogs that have patellar luxation are easily distinguishable. They are either limping or hold their affected leg up.

Shih Tzu Common Health ProblemsBrachycephalic syndrome on the other hand is a skeletal deformity for rounded, short heads. This is especially problematic for pregnant dogs because they cannot deliver the puppy normally – C-section is required. Dogs with short heads tend to have a myriad of respiratory problems like a narrow trachea, elongated soft palate, and a very delicate nose cartilage which can collapse if air is sucked in too forcefully.

Take your dog out for light exercise but be careful not to overexert him. Not only do they have respiratory problems you need to consider, they are also intolerant with heat and humidity. They are great pets for apartment dwellers so you can engage him in indoor activities if the weather is not suitable for exercise.

Aside from these respiratory issues, shallow eye sockets can cause dry eye and infection, irregular, crowded teeth cause dental problems and the folds in his skin can give way to bacterial infection if you are not careful. Clean his teeth, ears and the folds in his face regularly to help prevent this from happening.

Another potentially fatal disease that Shih Tzus are known to have is renal cortical hypoplasia. This is a congenital disease cause by deformed kidneys. Deformed kidneys cannot dispose of the body’s toxins the way it should so dogs with renal cortical hypoplasia often suffer from infection and kidney stones. It will manifest as early as 10 weeks old and with symptoms like frequent urination, excessive thirst, vomiting, weakness and anemia. This is a very serious disease so if you see your dog displaying these signs, bring him to the vet right away.


Exercise and Shih Tzu Common Health Problems


Shih Tzu Common Health ProblemsShih Tzus live a pretty long life, especially if you provide them with a healthy diet and exercise. Special supplements from natural substances also do a lot in inhibiting the progress of shih tzu common health problems. Early detection have saved a life of many a dog so it is recommended that you bring him to the vet regularly for complete physical examinations. This should avert Shih Tzu common health problems before they become a major issue.


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