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Senior Dog FoodAs we age, we need more vitamins and nutrients in our diets. It is the same with our dogs. Our pets will naturally show more of the wear and tear that they acquired over the years. The right senior dog food will ensure that our pets have several more years in them, and have a better quality of life as well.

First of all, some of you might be asking, what qualifies a dog to be senior? What age bracket do they usually fall under? A dog is considered senior if he gets into the last third of his life expectancy and this can depend on the breed that he is. Some breeds live longer than others. If you are not sure, or if your pet belongs to more than one breed, the general rule of thumb is that a canine is senior when he reaches 7 ySenior Dog Foodears of age.

Older dogs develop problems because of poor diet and lifestyle. Try your best to provide your dog with a good diet and regular exercise early on in his life. Keep in mind that with exercise, make sure it is light and not too hard core. Regularly playing Frisbee and other extreme sports oftentimes cause the onset of arthritis at an earlier age.

Obesity is another health concern of older dogs. This is especially harmful because it will aggravate other health issues like (like his cardiovascular and bone health among others). Don’t forget to always monitor his calorie intake even in his earlier years so you this doesn’t have to happen to your dog.

Senior Dog FoodYou will know if your dog is getting old if he starts slowing down. He will be slower to get up or change positions because his joints and tendons are sore. Lessen his pain by keeping him warm and dry especially at night. Look for senior dog food and supplements that have chondroitin and glucosamine. Fresh fruits and vegetables that will boost his immune system are also extremely beneficial.

Dogs that are older are prone to digestive problems so it is even more critical that you provide good dog food as they age. Look for premium pet food that have healthy ingredients and avoid corn or other dog food fillers. Many experts recommend a diet high in fiber so that the dog can eliminate easier. A constant fresh water supply is an excellent way to regularly cleanse your dog’s system from waste and toxins.

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