Raw Dog Food

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Raw Dog Food

Raw dog foodIt has often been said to us that the closer the food we eat is to its natural state, the healthier it is for us – the same applies to our canines. Think about it, the natural habitat of animals is in the wild; they lived off the most organic of food and survived throughout the centuries. If you want to see your dog in its healthiest, most natural state – the best thing to do is feed him a delicious raw dog food diet.

Raw dog food is quite simple to prepare. Turkey or chicken necks, backs and legs supply the needed calcium and crunch in the dog’s diet. Make sure that you include the skin to put in fat which is valuable to a dog’s nutrient requirements. You can also serve small blocks of raw meat and mix it in with fresh vegetables like carrots. Chop into small pieces the bones and the other elements to ensure the animal doesn’t choke on his food.

Schedule Your Free Raw Feeding ConsultationAs you prepare his meals, keep in mind that grains and fruit should also be included in his dog supplies. Fresh fruits in particular, provide necessary antioxidants that help in preventing certain diseases to come upon your pet. Seasoning the meals with flavorful herbs and spices will make it more interesting for the dog. Garlic is a healthy additive but take heed in the doses you give – too much can cause digestive problems to rise up.

Raw dog foodWhen you walk your dog there are times he will eat the grass that cover the park or your neighbor’s lawn. Unless it is illegal, do not stop him from doing so. Grass will help cleansing his colon. Moreover, it will aid in the proper absorption of undigested bones and meat left in the dog’s system.

One of the most noticeable benefits of serving a raw diet to your pet is seeing their beautiful white teeth and them having fresher breath than their processed food fed friends. The reason for this is most likely because of the natural enzymes found in fresh food and the decreased amount of toxins that may be caught in between doggie’s teeth.

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Another cause of switching to a raw diet is the marked reduction in the amount of poop the dog eliminates. You can also determine how to better improve their diet with the appearance of the stool. If the stool is too squashy, then add more hard bones; if the stool is too hard, increase vegetable servings in his meals. You will also observe that there is very little foul smell as well.

The great thing about serving raw fare is that you need very little dog supplies – but the advantages you gain are considerable. Their allergies and wounds heal faster; their coat takes on a glossier shine; their stamina and energy levels increase; and aside from the regular check-ups to the vet, you won’t see the inside of the vet’s office anytime soon. Transition should be gradual but be sure to begin making that change as soon as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Raw Dog Food

  1. Barbara

    How interesting! I was at an animal (dogs) adventure 3 day camp (play/train and activities) and found that a number of trainers had a dehydrated food that they used particularly when traveling. Asking what they used, the response was Honest Kitchen. Since then I’ve been giving one meal a day of their Keen.

    My older dog had all kinds of skin issues and got really tired of Rx remedies with side effects. Met a woman in a neighboring town who had for years trained service dogs. She was making an organic, human grade, raw dog food. The skin issues and overall health improved vastly and hair grew back where it had been scratched and irritated away. After my older dog passed, got a bit lazy about driving 45 miles to the other town to pick up the raw food (and shipping was both expensive and they shipped only larger amounts, which I didn’t have room for in a regular freezer). So fed Buddy a vet recommended kibble and avo-derm can food (which so far is the only other food Buddy would eat and that is after 2 yrs of trying many foods) in the a.m.. Dehydrated in the p.m. Happen to be down in the other town recently and have decided to start again! Bud’s worth it. Besides he is now 12+, has stomatitis (having just made it through a dental procedure to take his top two canine teeth out) and gets a bit itchy this time of year.

    But another issue recently came up. Buddy & I have passed our evaluation testing for the Oregon Coast Therapy Animals which is under the auspices of the Pet Partner Society (previously the Delta Society). Being under the Pet Partner Society we had paperwork to fill out as well. One of the items on the paper work, said, “I will not feed my dog raw food”! Many of the trainees had to say okay to this, although those same individuals still intend to do so.

    Having just come up with these situations, your newsletter “All About Raw Food For Your Dog” was very timely.

    Thanks Brigitte

  2. Brigitte

    Thanks so much for your feedback, Barbara. I really appreciate it.

    I hope that Buddy thrives on the raw food.


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