Raw Dog Food for a Healthy Dog

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Raw Dog Food for a Healthy Dog

Raw dog food – a healthier alternative for your dog.

Raw Feeding Made Easy & Affordable. Large selection of raw pet food, chews & treats. How many of us like our steak rare? I mean, so rare that the waiters took it out of the freezer and straight to our plates. It doesn’t sound very appetizing now does it? Interestingly enough, this kind of diet is said to be good for our pets. Yes, raw dog food is a recommended type of diet our pets will benefit from.

Raw dog food is also known as the BARF diet. BARF is the acronym for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. With so many commercial pet food recalls the recent years, people are starting to realize that maybe the best alternative is to just serve their dogs raw and natural food instead.

If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Before we humans ever domesticated our canine friends, they lived in the wild and they did just fine. In fact, more than fine, they flourished and multiplied in number. What was the food they were eating? There weren’t any groceries then where they could queue up and order up their food.

These dogs were on a raw dog food diet. That means they were eating uncooked meat and plants that grew straight out of the ground. This may be a new concept to many people but actually, dogs that are on the BARF diet actually have a smoother, shinier coat and skin, clear eyes and over-all better health.Raw Dog Food

One of the concerns raised about dogs being on the BARF diet is that uncooked food might give rise to Salmonella or other parasitic infection. Well, the truth of the matter is that dogs on a raw food diet have an excellent immune system that is able to fight off infections that are coming against his system. Canines’ saliva and stomach acids have enzymes that also help protect them against bacteria.

This is not to say that ALL pet food sold in the supermarket are bad for their health. Not at all. There are several really good premium pet food brands that are able to closely duplicate the nutrients a dog will get on a BARF diet. However, you must be very careful with your selection of these food products because most of the cheaper variety of processed pet food are not only devoid of nutritional value, they are detrimental to the animal’s health.

Raw Dog FoodI know some of you are a little worried because putting your dog on a raw food diet will entail more effort and higher costs. This is not necessarily true. If you are able to plan and prepare your dog’s meals properly, you can actually end up saving more money. Cook his meals in advance and store it properly so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up doggie treats.

Raw dog food is the healthier alternative for the pet owner who wants the best for his dog.
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