Puppy Worming Information

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puppy wormingIt is said that almost all puppies that are born are already infected with worms. And even if the puppy is born without worms, it is very easy to contract these internal parasites outdoors. What do we need to know about puppy worming and when should I start de-worming treatments for my pet?

You can start de-worming your puppy as early as 2 weeks of age and every 2 weeks after that until they are about 2 months old. Some other vet may recommend a different schedule for your particular breed so you should definitely consult a vet first before proceeding in worming your dog.

Find a vet that is well-informed with holistic and natural remedies for canine sicknesses. I mean, you have an idea of how frequent de-worming treatments will take. Can you imagine giving your dog medications with drugs that often have a detrimental effect on his over-all health in the long run? You must be aware that many of these de-worming drugs actually contain mild forms of pesticides to kill the worms inside your dog.puppy worming

Don’t think that just because they sell it over the counter that it’s OK to give it to your dog. Many times we have to exercise extreme caution in our dog’s health because after all, canine pharmaceutical companies is a big business that can package these medications to only highlight it’s immediate effect, not the potential side effects. More than that, medicines oftentimes only treat the symptoms of the sickness and not the root, making it a very ineffective treatment for your dog.

Make it a point to give your dog organic products as much as possible. For example, did you know that neem leaf is an excellent antiseptic herb that contains properties to kill internal worms safely? They have been used for centuries as a fantastic medicinal herb that many people and animals have benefited from. Look for supplements that have these helpful and natural elements in their ingredients.

Aside from these treapuppy_wormingtments, make sure that you give your dog a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Especially if they are young, you need to build up your puppy’s immune system so he can resist the infections of these internal parasites. Feed him fresh food as much as possible, or if not, find healthy dog food brands that contain the least preservatives. Your investment in your dog’s healthy diet is well worth it. Think about it, you will spend less on vet bills and treatments when you do.

Keep your home as clean as possible to avoid the proliferation of these worms. Disinfect your dog’s crate and beddings often and remove feces from your home and backyard when you see them. Keep in mind that many of these canine worms can be transmitted to humans so wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning or handling your pet.

Puppy worming is an integral part of keeping your dog healthy. Keep these helpful information in mind when worming your dog. Enjoy the company of a happy and worm-free dog today!

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