Puppy Kennels

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Puppy Kennels

Puppy KennelsBringing home puppies are one of the best things in life ever. When these bundles of joy look to you like the sun rises and sets over your shoulders you just feel like you have received the best gift in the world! If you want the best for your little friend, you need to look for great puppy kennels that will provide him with the sense of security and safety he needs.

What are puppy kennels? Are they the same as dog crates? Yes, a kennel is another term used for dog crates and has been a subject of debate for many people for quite some time now. People think that putting a dog in an enclosed space is animal cruelty and should not be practiced by any loving master.

While it is understandable why some people may think this, it is precisely because you are a loving master that is why you are going to start crate training him. Think about it, wouldn’t you like having a quiet and secure place that you can go to when you’re stressed out? If only all our bosses were as kind!

Puppy KennelsIt is always best to commence kennel training when the dog is still young. After all, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks but it wont be as easy as training a puppy. Older dogs will have habits that they need to unlearn before you can teach them anything new.

So what do you need to look for in puppy kennels? Purchase puppy kennels that are comfortably large enough for them to move around in when they reach their adult size. Don’t make the crate too big though or else they may use a section of it to defecate (dogs don’t like pooping and peeing in the area they sleep in). You want to use the crate to help potty train him and a large crate will basically render your potty crate training useless.

Check the material used in the crate. Are they made of plastic, wood, aluminum or steel? Plastic kennels are not the best choice for the large and rowdy dogs because they can break it. Wooden kennels are usually painted and the danger of this is that dogs sometimes lick the walls of their crates and paint is poisonous to them. Do not purchase aluminum because they are unreliable, opt for stainless, galvanized steel kennels that will do the job in containing your dog.

Puppy KennelsClean the kennels every so often to prevent bacteria from festering on them. Spray the whole place with saline solution so that any infestation of parasites will be dealt with immediately. Make his crate comfortable and cozy by putting in dog toys and soft, warm blankets to keep him toasty warm in cold weather.

Visit this fantastic site to find great puppy kennels you can use for your dog. Remember, you are purchasing your lovable new dog his own safe haven so make sure it is as sturdy and safe as possible. Enjoy!

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