Protect Your Dog’s Ear Health

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Protect Your Dog’s Ear Health

pet's earAlong with regular grooming and bathing, keeping your pet’s ears clean is a vital part of ensuring your pet is healthy and happy. Checking your pet’s ears at least once a week will make certain that they are kept healthy and that any infections that develop are quickly detected. Dirt and wax buildup in your pet’s outer ear and ear canal can cause infections, hearing loss, and discomfort. Dirty, excessive wax is also a haven for ear mites which will require a visit to your veterinarian to eradicate.

A pet’s ear is supposed to be pale pink in color and free of any foul smells. It’s Ok to carefully remove wax and dirt buildup occasionally with an ear cleaning solution. Build-up can easily occur without you being aware of it, and your first sign of a problem may not become evident until your pet has difficulty hearing your call or displays excessive scratching or rubbing around the ears. Pre-emptive, routine measures such as using an alcohol-free ear cleaner is the best way to make sure your pet’s ears are healthy.

Oxyfresh's Pet Ear CleanerOxyfresh’s Pet Ear Cleaner gently loosens dirt and wax from your pet’s ear with a unique Oxygene bacteria-neutralizing solution that’s soothing, safe, deodorizing and alcohol free. Your pet will love you for it! Routine cleaning will ensure that your pet’s ears are healthy and avoid expensive visits to the veterinarian.

Recommended Use: Put 10 to 15 drops into each ear and massage the ears at the base. Let your pet shake its head, then wipe the remaining debris from the inside of the ear. You may repeat this procedure daily or weekly until no more debris is found. Use as needed.

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