Poodle Grooming

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Poodle GroomingIf you are reading this, you probably have yourself a poodle. Let me ask you something why did you choose to adopt a poodle? I bet it’s probably because poodles are beautiful and striking looking dogs, right? If this is so, then you really need to learn the basics of poodle grooming so you can continue enjoying the benefits of having this gorgeous pet at home.

As you may have already guessed, poodle grooming will require a longer time than the other breeds. Not only do they need to be bathed, brushed, and nail trimmed their sometimes afro-looking hair needs to be styled as well. It’s well worth any effort though. When you’re done with them, they will look like the best looking dogs in the neighborhood.

There are basically three main poodle cuts that you can choose from; the Continental, the English Saddle and the puppy trim. Of course, if you want to be creative and give them a Mohawk, that’s alright too but for the most part, these are the standard looks that you can expect from the average poodle.

The first step in any dog grPoodle Groomingooming is to give the dog a bath. Rinse your dog with clean water. A good tip is to begin soaping him from the neck down to keep away any fleas that may creep up to his ears. After soaping him with a mild canine shampoo, dry him off thoroughly. You can use a dog dryer but exercise caution by holding the dryer at a safe distance. You don’t want to burn your dog’s skin accidentally and give him some wounds.

Next choose a cut you want and start trimming his fur with the use of a dog clipper. Keep in mind that dog dryers and clippers may emit loud whining sounds that can upset the dog so be very careful in handling them. Tie their dog leash loosely around a nearby pole so they do not run off. If you have a friend with you, have them hold the dog firmly while you trim him, particularly around the neck and face.

Comb out the hair around his body. A longer coat will protect his vital organs better and provide him warmth, but shorter coats are easier to manage. Use dog shears in trimming the hair around his face Poodle Groomingand rear end; hold his face gently but firmly to prevent him from moving around and accidentally piercing him. Don’t forget to trim his nails also.

Now, if you are a new poodle owner, poodle grooming is a difficult task. Take him to a professional groomer first and watch how he does it. If you think you can do it, then try it out with your pet at home after a few weeks. Don’t worry, if you made a mistake somewhere along the way, hair grows back and you can try again after.

Poodle grooming may be challenging but it’s one of the most fun things you can do with your pet! Enjoy this terrific bonding experience and appreciate a fantastic looking poodle when you do!

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