Pet Sitters Make Vacations Easier – for You and Your Pets!

Pet Sitters Make Vacations Easier – for You and Your Pets!

Pet SittersWhen a pet owner goes out of town, they are often left with a tough choice regarding the care of the furry members of their family. They can call a friend to check on Spike or Fluffy every day or so, or they can call the dreaded kennel. Oh, the kennel, we know it well; you must call so many days in advance, it costs a lot of money, and, let’s face it, our pets frankly do not like to be there.

Our salvation from the tyranny of the kennel is called in-home pet sitting. The difference between them and the kennel owners is simple, really; the in-home pet sitters care for our pets in their normal home surroundings. The kennel is content to let our pets sit in a cell nearly all day, by themselves; in an unfamiliar environment, frightened and (seemingly) abandoned. It’s enough to make a pet owner’s heart break. It’s completely different when using a pet sitters. When you hire one of these services, your pets stay in the comfort of their own homes; where they feel safe, secure, and happy. A kind, caring person will come in to check on them, feed them, and play with them at least twice a day. Now, we’ve already gone above and beyond the kennel, but there are more benefits to in-home pet sitting services even than that! Pet Sitters

We started out cringing in fear of the dreaded kennel, but with a quality pet sitting service, readily available in virtually every area across the nation! Trust me; when you decide to hire an in home pet sitter to care for your pets the next time you go on a trip, not only will you pets thank you, your wallet will too. Now you can take your next vacation or business trip and relax, knowing your pets are well cared for without suffering the stress of being taken to the kennel.

– Janet Jackson

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