Pet Insurance – Do You Need It?

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Pet Insurance – Do You Need It?

Pet insurancePet insurance is an often overlooked area and is even thought to be superfluous by some. But pet owners soon learn how costly it can be not to have pet insurance when they require expensive, and sometimes urgent, veterinary treatment for their dog.

Although there are a large number of pet owners in developed countries, many of these pet owners do not see a reason to have pet insurance. It’s odd, really – most of these same people would state emphatically that their pets are part of their family, and the average American will have health insurance for every human member of their family. Why then, would we not think to provide dog insurance (and cat insurance) for our pets?

Vet costs have risen tremendously over the last decade. To cater for this increase, pet insurance providers have increased their premiums, but the premium increases are very small when compared to the potential cost of veterinary care that may be required.

So the rising cost of pet insurance protection is one point to consider, but not having it can produce dire consequences.

All pet owners need to be prepared for health problems occasionally. And to ensure that when this happens, the cost of veterinary treatment won’t cause financial strain.

If an injury or serious illness should occur, the last thing you want to have to worry about is how you will pay for your dog’s treatment, which may well be required urgently.

Pet insuranceThe financial aspect of looking after a pet is something that must be taken seriously. Cash flow problems affect the majority of us from time to time. Raising what may be a rather large sum of money in a hurry can be prove to be financially embarrassing (contacting a relative or friend for the money), time consuming (providing evidence of income and other documents to a bank when asking for even a short term loan), very expensive (using your credit card), or even impossible in some instances.

If you do not have surplus cash on hand, and you do not have pet insurance cover, you may not be in a position to spend as much on your pet’s treatment as you would like.

Having a pet insurance plan in place prevents these contingencies. Pet health insurance can usually be purchased relatively inexpensively despite recent rises.

There are a number of different types of pet insurance and similar plans available that can be purchased from anywhere between twenty to forty dollars a month, or an annual fee of much less (around a hundred dollars), which could save you a fortune in the long term. Some pet care insurance companies offer a discount if you have more than one pet on the plan.

Pet insurance

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4 thoughts on “Pet Insurance – Do You Need It?

  1. Michelle DeLaTorre

    My oldest Basset Hound, Tabitha-Robert has an insurance Plan under VPI plan. Now we are looking in insuring our youngest basset hound, Josiphenia had been fenied after they found three questionable lumps on her. These bumps, which were found to be non-cancerous by one vet, are non-maligant. So, what is your recomindation on this matter?
    Thank you for your recomindation on this matter. Please send your respomce back to:

  2. jennifer beach

    Can I say that you really need to do some research on ALL the plans out there.Some cover “real world” problems and some dont.IE:knee replacement to worms.Look at how often your pet is out and about and the chance certian things may happen.If your pet is “house bound” maybe a less expensive plan would be better.We are very active with our pets so we have more coverage.The cost for vet bills are high so it puts piece of mind just in case.

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