Pet Food Shopping and Preparation: Learn What Your Dogs Need

Pet Food Shopping and Preparation: Learn What Your Dogs Need

pet foodPet food should not be seen as just anything edible that you can feed your pets. Being a dog owner, it is our responsibility to care for them properly and feed them nutritious and delicious food.  Man’s best friends, our beloved dogs, are often given foods that we eat without knowing that these are detrimental to our pets’ health. Their soft coats that we love to snuggle into can be attained when they have sufficient vitamins and minerals – same with good teeth, bones, skin and their overall health. They need these to fight off bacteria, parasites and other viruses that threaten their lives, too.

Dogs also need carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fat in their diet. To build strong muscles, good coat, nails, skin and healthy cells, our dogs need protein which meat, fish and eggs, among others, can provide.They also need fat because this helps distribute vitamins into the dog’s system. And, of course, they need carbohydrates to remain active and energetic, and have a healthy digestive food

As keepers of our pets, it is important to know which foods we should be careful not to give our dogs. Like humans, dogs can fall victim to malnutrition, obesity and health disorders such as cancer, arthritis, bowel disease, bladder and kidney stones, diabetes and skin problems, to name a few. Some of the big no-no’s to feed them include cooked chicken bones, chocolates, garlic, onion, beans and excessive amounts of protein.To personally monitor their pet’s food intake, many owners end up preparing homemade dog food themselves.

Homemade dog food offer a lot of benefits such as ensuring your dog’s good health and it saves you a lot of money. Like any personal activity, deciding to take charge in making your pet’s food requires time and effort on your part, but it will be all worth it.As long as you keep in mind not to add preservatives and added spices to their meals, you are free to mix and match their food and add variety. Together with their protein meat and vegetables, your dog’s meals can include cooked good grain like brown rice and whole wheat. The difference between the generic dog food and the premium dog food is that latter normally uses high quality ingredients – hence, it is also more expensive. The latter is known to use high grade ingredients that has no fillers or by-products in them.

But before you start concocting your own recipes, you should see your pup’s veterinarian to understand exactly what your pet needs.

Paying a visit to your dog’s veterinarian is best in order to know the kinds and types of pet food to buy for your pup.Whether you plan to buy the right kind of pet food or to make your dog’s foods yourself, it is best to mix good research and professional guidanPet food ce. But remember that each dog’s needs vary depending on their breed, age, sizes and their level of activity. In addition, it is good to note that when you change your dog’s diet don’t shock your dog with the change. Like humans, dogs need to adjust to new foods, too.

Pet food essentials, especially for dogs, include vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat and many other nutrients to keep your pet healthy and fit. Being irresponsible to your dog’s nutrition needs could make your dog weak and live a short life. To avoid making your dog ill, you can ensure they maintain a proper diet by feeding them reliable premium dog food or homemade dog food prepared to meet their dietary requirements. Most especially, make sure their vet is involved when planning for their diets.

– Melinda Smith

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