Pet Food Option: Homemade Dog Diet

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Pet Food Option: Homemade Dog Diet

homemade dog foodEvidently, it is natural that you want only the best pet food for your beloved animal. These days, there are a good number of dog owners that have started employing homemade dog food diet instead of the commercially offered in the market. Why? They believe it is the most excellent way to prepare pet food.

When the massive pet food melamine contamination scare broke in 2007, many people had been concerned about the safety of commercial diets. That’s why people feel that homemade dog food promotes their dog’s health and well-being better. It is inevitable as you would never want to let your dog eat pet food be fed with preservatives – going natural is always the best way as they say.

Also, as there are dogs that have medical issues such as allergies, many pet owners feel that these medical concerns are better managed through the use of homemade diets.

In truth, some dogs have multiple concurrent allergies that no commercially prepared food has yet to be particularly designed to treat. This is the edge of homemade pet food preparation as it lets ingredient manipulation for better nutrient absorption.

The main objective to formulating any kind dog food, whether pedigree dog food or homemade or otherwise, is to provide a nutritionally balanced food. This is necessary to maintain your dog’s overall health and well-being. As evaluating a homemade dog food diet for complete nutrition can be difficult, it is an imperative that you as pet owners to do some research.

pedigree dog foodKeep in mind that any homemade dog food must begin with a good source of protein and carbohydrates. Some fine protein sources are broiled pork loin, roasted skinless chicken breast, ground beef, hard boiled egg, and cottage cheese.

On the other hand, potential sources of carbohydrates for your dogs include cooked long-grained white rice, baked white potatoes, cooked oats, enriched spaghetti and pearled barley.

Although there are nutritional companies that can also provide you with recipes for homemade pet food, it is vital to carefully choose the ingredients in preparing your dog’s diet.

Lastly, it is best to have a good nutritious meal plan for your dog. However, your pet still needs to be monitored vigilantly for any sign of allergic reaction or malnourishment.

-The idea of homemade pet food sounds appealing for dog owners. After all, it is but logical to prefer home-cooked diet to something out of can or packet. And absolutely, there are some concerns over the safety of some commercial pet food. While homemade diet for your dogs can be safe and nutritious, is yet to be widely approved by veterinarians.

– Melinda Smith

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2 thoughts on “Pet Food Option: Homemade Dog Diet

  1. Fraser Taylor

    Just read your article Melinda and I agree with most of it, I have two dogs of my own and always thought feeding the proprierty brands from the big names was the right thing to do, that was until my wife had read some of the posts similar to yours.

    What we found and I hate to admit this was that I tasted some of what our dogs were being asked to eat (don’t be alarmed it was the kibble not the canned wet stuff)… the amount of salt content in it, the taste was horrendous, I had to rush for a glass of water afterwards.

    Since that time we have been very cautious about what they eat and something else we noted was that smell can be a good deciding factor too.

    Our local pets at home have been helpful on this subject and we have tried some of their recommendations to good result. We tend to buy kibble to mix with any meat content and mostly prepare other elements of the dogs diet ourselves with fresh chicken being high on the menu for them.

    You can buy chickens at most supermarkets quite cheaply these days, although again you need to check the processing (brine etc.)
    Our dog are small breeds so feeding them isn’t going to break the bank.

    I would say that more and more people are becoming aware of whats important when it comes to petfood, just keep the posts going till the message gets across.


    Fraser Taylor

  2. Jen

    Good article Melinda. There are tons of ways to feed your dogs homecooked food instead of the processed kibble or canned food.

    Even just adding a little something extra to kibble is better than all kibble all the time.

    Studies show the health benefits of “real food” are tremendous. But you’re right, you do have to learn about nutritional needs and usually add a supplement to an exclusively home cooked diet.

    Thanks, Jen & Baggins

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