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pet foodPet food should not be seen as just anything edible that you can feed your pets. Being a dog owner, it is our responsibility to care for them properly and feed them nutritious and delicious food.They give us unconditional love and loyalty that the least we can do is to ensure that they are fed properly.Vitamins and minerals are important in a dog’s diet and the development of their physical and mental health.Feeding them right will strengthen their immune system to fight bacteria and parasites, too.

Aside from vitamins and minerals, the essential parts in a dog’s diet include protein, carbohydrates, fiber and fatty acids. In their regular meal, one-third of a dog’s food must contain protein, which they usually get from whole meat, eggs and fish, because it helps build strong muscles and a healthier coat, nails and skin. They also need fat because this helps distribute vitamins into the dog’s system. Carbohydrates are essential for a dog’s energy, digestion and body cells as carbohydrates supply it with glucose.

pet foodOn the other hand, it is also important to know what foods are bad for your dog. The quality and quantity of meals they take can lead to malnutrition, obesity and other health disorders such as cancer in dogs, kidney and bladder malfunction, skin diseases and arthritis, among many others. To personally monitor their pet’s food intake, many owners prefer to prepare homemade dog food themselves.

Alternatives are high quality, natural pet food made from ingredients that we would consider eating ourselves, as opposed to the over processed hard chunks of kibble that many commercial pet food companies would have us believe are nutritious.

Food and snacks are essential to your pet’s health and overall well-being. But a poor diet can result to many illnesses and diseases for your dogs, as serious as cancer.

– Melinda Smith

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