Obedience Training

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Obedience Training

Obedience TrainingDogs are social animals and left without proper obedience training, they will most certainly behave like unkempt furry little things. They will chew and slobber all over your furniture. They will dig holes in your garden and muddy your pristine floors with their paws. They will bark excessively without due reason. They will fight with other dogs and they might even turn and bite you.

Obedience training then becomes an integral part of your dog and parent relationship. A dog parent must then open up communications between him and his pet in order to established obedience. They must teach their dogs to channel their energy into using their innate characteristic into more useful and practical ways.

For example, instead of barking all night without reason, a dog parent can teach his dog to bark at opportune moments, when there is a stranger or intruder in your house. Instead of slobbering and destroying furniture an owner can direct their dogs into chewing their provided chew toys instead.

Obedience TrainingObedience training is also a useful tool in establishing dominance. Dogs have a very strict and dominant nature. Respect and loyalty to their owners will begin once the owner has established that they are the alpha dog in their own homes. Dogs seeing weakness on their owners will ignore their owner’s commands. When it comes to establishing your role as the top dog you can use the simple technique of paw raise or by having your pet dog lick your hands.

Training your dog is a sure way to deepen your relationship with your dog. Communications should be open on both ends in this regard both you and your dog will develop a deeper understanding of each other. Given patience and time obedience training turns into a fun and exciting experience with both the owner and the dog. The owner will definitely benefit in this kind of relationship. Say goodbye to messy, slobbered and chewed on homes. Say hello to lovable, cuddly and obedient dogs.

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