Natural Heartworm Preventative

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Natural Heartworm Preventative

natural heartworm preventativeFor most of us, we treat our pets like our own children; and it is painful to see them suffer through difficult sicknesses like heartworm. If left untreated, the infected dog will most likely die within a few months of contraction. Here are some natural heartworm preventative measures that will ensure the safety of your dog in this matter.

First of all, what is heartworm? Heartworms are parasitic worms that are transmitted to the dog’s bloodstream through mosquitoes. Although not all mosquitoes transmit heartworms, when a carrier does bite the dog its larvae will transfer into the canine’s bloodstream reaching his vital organs. As you can imagine, this will be terminal for the dog when the contamination reaches the heart and lungs.

The most basic natural heartworm prevention tip is to provide your pet with a healthy diet. A healthy pet will have a bettenatural heartworm preventativer immune system to fight off infections and complications in his body. Processed food generally contain chemicals that may weaken the dog, so serve raw meat, fruits and vegetables instead. Do not use milk or food that contains artificial flavorings and sugar.

Mosquitoes are less likely to be drawn to healthy animals. Therefore, strengthen the factors that will improve your pet’s immune system. The liver, specifically, is important because it functions to store glucose, vitamins and minerals as well as removes waste and toxins from the system. Aside from a good diet; keep your dog away from stress and synthetic medication that may introduce harmful chemicals to your dog’s system.

Another essential natural heartworm prevention tip is to make sure your dog has regular exercise. Engage in fun physical activities with your pet. Not only will it give you quality time, it will be good for his health as well. What exercise does is improve their heart and circulatory system. The red blood cells take oxygen throughout the body while the white blood cells fight any infection that tries to latch itself on the host. If your pet has a healthy heart, adult heartworms will find it difficult to implant itself in it.

Heartworm TreatmentIf you are in a place where there is a high risk of contracting heartworm, have your pet checked up regularly for sicknesses. A blood test will show if he has been infected with this parasite. Unless the vet strongly recommends a heartworm preventive medicine, do not administer synthetic drugs to your pet. This may cause damage to your dog’s immune system in the long run.

It is better to have these natural heartworm preventative measures in place rather than find yourself in possession of a pet that already is infected with heartworm. Medicines that cure heartworm are actually a form of insecticide that when administered regularly, is highly toxic and will eventually lead to serious diseases to the dog’s other organs as well.

Animals with heartworm exhibit symptoms like lethargy, a significant weight loss, coughing and difficulty of breathing. If this is your pet, visit the vet immediately as the sickness may already be in its progressive stages.

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