Natural Dog Foods

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Natural Dog Foods

Best Dog Food Brand4What is the best diet to give your pet? There are debates ongoing regarding the answer to this question but it is generally accepted that natural dog foods are the healthiest fare that pet owners can feed their dogs.

If you think about this, it really makes sense. Dogs belong to the same family that wolves come from; therefore, you can expect that dogs share many of the same qualities that wolves have. Canines may be more domesticated, but that doesn’t mean their instinctive animalistic nature has been completely extinguished. No, they also benefit greatly from a raw and natural diet that their ancestors had by hunting in the wild.

Does this mean that you do not have to cook the food that you give your pet, even meat? While I know that many people do not like the idea of giving their pet raw meat, it’s actually not as bad as you think. Some are concerned of bacteria like Salmonella or E. Colli infecting their pet through ingestion of raw meat but in reality, your dog might even be in greater danger of contracting this from processed pet food.

Best Dog Food BrandWhat does this mean? Many pet food products use meat in their ingredients. Sometimes it takes a while before the meat is processed and bacteria may have infected the carcass of the meat already. If you are feeding your dog pet food, it is recommended that you add in fresh meat, or find a brand that is known for having stringent quality testing for the ingredients used in their products. In any case, the protein and natural minerals found in meat and other organic food boost the animal’s immune system, making him stronger and better equipped to fight the infections that bacteria can cause canine sicknesses.

What other natural dog foods can you give your pet? Fresh fruits and vegetables do a lot in improving the dog’s over-all appearance, and impeding certain diseases.

Carrots are a favorite of many dogs when it comes to raw vegetables. They are crunchy and sweet, and they help in maintaining good dental hygiene as well. Green peas and zucchinis are great low-calorie fillers that are chock-full of nutrients that aid in the dog’s health. Avoid onions and an excessive amount of garlic in your dog’s meals because this can cause anemia, nausea and diarrhea.

Best Dog Food BrandDogs are known to have a sweet tooth so give fresh fruits as a good training treat to motivate him even more. Apples, melons, orange and berries are popular choices that dogs love. Always remember to remove the stems and seeds because these contain properties that trigger cyanide poisoning, and can also obstruct the digestive tract of the dog.

Even if you are giving your pet healthy and natural dog foods, do not over feed him. Overweight and obese dogs are more susceptible to diseases that could be easily avoided through monitoring calorie intake carefully. Exercise him regularly to maintain his ideal weight, as well as improve circulation and cardiac health.

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