Natural Dog Food

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Natural Dog Food

Natural Dog FoodNatural dog food is the best kind of diet to give to our pets. You will find many commercial pet food brands in the market today but if you have a choice, you should always choose to feed your pets the food that looks closest to its original form.

Sometimes well-meaning pet owners think this is not a good idea. In fact, they are downright uncomfortable feeding their beloved pets uncooked meat because they think there are harmful bacteria that are in the raw food which will be detrimental when ingested by the hungry canine.

Well, the truth of the matter is that the digestive tract of dogs are shorter and more acidic than ours. This means that bacteria are unlikely to proliferate inside the dog, at least in his digestive system. Salmonella or whatever bacteria will not last long in an acidic environment.

Natural Dog FoodMore than that, natural dog food is ideal because when you give your dog fresh food, all the natural vitamins and minerals are still in it. The cooking or preservation process sometimes takes away these essential nutrients from the food. Fruits in particular have a lot of antioxidants that will serve to fortify the dog’s immune system. The higher his immunity, the stronger his resistance to canine diseases.

So what are some of these natural dog food that you can give your dog? Keep in mind that dogs require a high amount of protein in their diet. Meat from lean beef, chicken and turkey are great sources of protein. Sometimes commercial pet food use poor protein sources like grains, and soy and corn fillers in their products. If you are giving your dog pet food, check the labels and buy the brand that uses real meat and not by-products of human food industries.

Carrots are a canine snack favorite you can serve raw. The crunchy texture and sweet taste is a mouthwatering treat you can give after a successful training session. Green beans, zucchini, peas, parsley are other great veggie snacks. Dogs love corn too and will eat the corn cob together with the kernels when you give this to him.

Natural Dog FoodFresh fruits are an excellent way to add in vitamins as well as moisture to a dog’s diet. It is advisable that you serve these sweet treats to him separate from his meals so that it will be easily digested. Apples, melons and berries are well-loved by Fido. Dried fruits like dates and prunes contain potassium, a good nutrient that will aid his general well-being.

Some people give their dogs a mixture of natural and dog food fare. You can find really good, healthy dog food brands in the links in this site. Put in a few pieces of meat, vegetables or fruits in his dish for a delicious meal. Monitor your dog’s food intake so he doesn’t put on too much weight that will be bad for him in the long run.

Learn more about natural dog food and other valuable tips on your dog’s health in this excellent website today. Enjoy!

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