Natural Dog Food: The Healthy Choice For Your Pet

Natural Dog Food: The Healthy Choice For Your Pet

natural dog foodFeeding your dog natural dog food is the best way to ensure that you are giving good health to your best four-legged friend. It is relatively unknown to the general public that the ingredients that are used to make dog food play a great factor in determining your dog’s general health.

The components of every commercially manufactured dog foods are written on the label outside the package and this is where you must begin while deciding what you want to provide your dog. These ingredients are meticulously listed in order of quantity with the maximum percentage of the general product first, and the smallest amount at the bottom of the listing.

The products which display vegetables and meat as being greater in quantity on the brand label are certainly the recipe you should be searching for. Always attempt to avoid giving your dog foods that state that they consist of fillers like fish meal or chicken meal and other added ingredients. These types of meat products are not nutritious for your dog. This is not real meat, but a byproduct of the animals mentioned. These products might be taken from fur or occasionally feathers and scales when it comes to fish meal. Therefore it is best to stay away from these types of foLife's Abundance Dog Foodods that contains these products as main ingredients. Additionally you should be cautious about products which contain various grains. Although it list the first ingredient as meat, if grains are listed for the following two or three ingredients, the whole amount of grains are probably going to be more abundant than the amount of meat.

A good natural dog food is one that contains no chemicals. However, despite all of the benefits of natural dog foods, natural foods occupy a small share of the dog food market since the bulk of commercially manufactured dog food contains chemicals, various artificial flavors and chemical colorings.

How then can you figure out the best type of dog food? The first step is doing some research of your own. You will discover many brands and most of the main ingredients that are part of dog foods.

Natural dog food is principally made of the highest quality of ingredients which ensure a glossy coat, clear eyes, and effective maintenance of the many organs of the dog. Life’s Abundance and Canidae and two well known dog food brands that are examples of natural dog food.

Canidae dog foodLife’s Abundance is veterinarian-formulated with the finest ingredients necessary to help your natural dog food lifes abundance dog food canidae dog food to achieve and maintain optimum health. We use only fresh, human-quality ingredients, like premium all-natural meats, harvest-fresh fruits, vegetables and other select farm material. Additionally, our unique formula also includes a superior blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And just like all products, you find absolutely no artificial flavors, colors, sugars or chemical preservatives.Our holistic veterinarian has created not one, but two masterpieces of canine nutrition! We now offer premium canned formulated especially for breakfast and dinner.

– Melinda Smith

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