Natural Dog Food Recipes

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Natural Dog Food Recipes

Natural Dog Food RecipesHow would you like a trip to the health farm – everything healthy and guaranteed to make you feel better and live longer? That sounds good, right? Well, we can give our pets the benefits of enjoying great health when we use natural dog food recipes.

Dog Food Nutrition and Natural Dog Food Recipes

Dog food nutrition is super important – I think we can all agree on that. Another thing all experts agree in is that the way to do this is through regular exercise, supplements and a nutritious diet. Using fantastic natural dog food recipes will help you achieve just that.

Now, when we talk about natural, this doesn’t have to mean yucky tasting. Definitely not. If we don’t like how it tastes like, it probably won’t fare well with our pets either. There are many healthy food ingredients that we can feed our pets that are not only good for their bodies, but for their palates as well.

Dogs and cats are natural carnivores so if you have these pets in your house, it is essential that the diet you serve them consists largely of quality-grade meat. Chicken, beef, veal and turkey are just some excellent sources of protein that your dog needs.

Raw Natural Dog Food Recipes

Raw Natural Dog Food RecipesMany people recommend food that is raw and natural, but a lot of people are also uncomfortable in feeding their pets food that have not been cooked. If this is you, then you can boil the meat beforehand. Keep in mind that cooked bones tend to splinter when bitten so remove bones before cooking. Slice the meat in small chunks to make it easier for your pet to chew and swallow.

Vegetables and fruits should also be added to your dog’s meals. Tomatoes, carrots, peas, corn and green beans are excellent nutrient-rich veggies that you should include. Green beans, in particular, are good for an overweight dog’s diet because it will satiate them faster and better, causing them to eat less. When you give your pets fruits, be sure to remove the seeds because it has toxic properties that will harm them. Do not put grapes, macadamias and raisins in the treats you make because they are harmful to their bodies.

The dogNatural Dog Food Recipes food doesn’t have to be super complicated or boring to be healthy. Have fun with it! You can use cookie molds or cutters in fun shapes (like paw prints and dog bones) for delectable doggie treats. Add a dollop of yummy peanut butter to really make your dog love you even more. Boil vegetables or meat in water infused with garlic to make it extra tasty, then serve it to your pet during meal times.

You can find the best natural dog food recipes when you go to the links in this article. Your dog will enjoy healthy and great tasting meals that are simple and fuss-free. Can you imagine the wagging tail and the happy bark that you will face every single day? I don’t know about you but that sounds like an offer I simply cannot refuse! Enjoy a healthy and happy dog today!

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