Natural Dog Food Is Less Processed And More Nutritious

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Many dogs are deprived of essential nutrients in their diets unknowingly by their owners. While having the best intentions, these owners are continuing to feed their pets commercial dry and canned foods. By processing, these foods lack the nutrition of a natural dog food. Essential digestive enzymes which cause chemical reactions to process the animals intake are missing in the processed foods as well.

In the long term, this poor diet will lead to health problems in the future such as skin troubles, gas, lack of energy, and more!

Honest Kitchen natural dog foodHonest Kitchen is a leading manufacturer of quality pet foods which get pretty close to being home made dog food.

A large majority of pet owners rely primarily on canned and dry foods for their pets’ diet. Despite claims by advertisers of these dog foods, dogs on commercial food diets are typically lacking the nutrition they would receive from natural dog food.

natural dog foodMany dog owners, similar to their human diet, feed their dogs highly processed foods rather than a more natural dog food. Raw foods are generally healthier for dogs than processed food, such as kibble. Although it may be easier for the dog owners, it could lead to significant nutritional deficits for our cherished pets.

Dog owners would never deliberately hurt their dog, but with the lack of dietary understanding many owners are causing canine health problems. The lack of knowledge is the many cause of persistent health and skin problems for the pet. Pet owners will be able to save several thousands of dollars by understanding the significance of a superior diet.

Solid Gold natural dog foodThe difficulties in digestion and other health troubles like irritations of the skin are frequently connected to nutritional shortage as well as poor diet. By merely shifting to a premium natural dog food, skin and digestion problems can be eliminated. Persistent gas and flatulence can also be avoided.

Enzymes are common to all living things on the planet, whether animal or vegetable. If your canine companion is getting insufficient nutrition, it will result in a wide array of health difficulties. Some of these issues include a dull coat, an ineffective digestive system, and a general malaise.

In this day and age, a dog’s meals usually consist of highly processed foods. There are digestive enzymes that are naturally in a dog’s body, but are not in processed foods. It makes sense to put the enzymes needed to regulate digestion back into the dog food. The enzymes cause chemical reactions and improve the digestion of the food.

– Melinda Smith

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