Natural Dog Food: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Natural Dog Food: Is It Right For Your Dog?

Natural Dog Food RecipesA lot of concerns have come up in regard to the hazards of feeding pets commercial dog food. Such concerns have caused dog owners to begin making naturally honest dog food for the beloved pets, which is not just safer but also healthier and easy. You must learn which kinds of foods you ought to feed a dog, what not to feed it, and the resources for finding safe, commercial dog food when you are not able to cook for the dog.

Dogs love fresh raw meat. Your best bet is to buy it from a butcher. That way the meat will be fresher, and you can get it at bulk pricing for your hungry carnivore dog.

Select vegetables to add for natural dog food. The best veggies for the dog are squash, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, beets, yams, parsnips, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. These will give the dog needed nutrients. Again, pick produce which is as fresh as you can get.

When preparing homemade dog food recipes you need to chop meat and vegetables into bit-sized pieces that your pet can easily eat. For maximum nutritional value, cook meat to rare, just past raw, leaving the meat full of nutrients, juicy and tender. Overcooking the meat can kill many of its nutrients.

You should lightly steam vegetables before adding them to the cooked natural dog food. Be sure to only add the recommended vegetables listed above. Also stir the meal and test different areas to make sure there are no hot spots before you give it to your dog. Always allow the cooked food to cool before serving.

On those occasions when for any reason you can not cook for your dog, commercially prepared dog food may be served instead. There are commercial brands which are safe, and that use quality meat. Life’s Abundance brand is one of these.

Natural Dog FoodFor more information on feeding your dog a safe and healthy diet of homemade dog food and natural treats, plus information on the few safe commercial dog foods available, there are some reliable and informative sites online. Remember always that dogs need meat protein as the primary ingredient of dog food.

Recent concerns about the safety of the food we serve our pets have many consumers investigating natural Honest Kitchen dog food options. Many dog owners are seeking out human-grade commercial products made especially for pets, such as those sold by the Life’s Abundance dog food company. You can also prepare quality meals for your dog following a number of suggestions and homemade dog food recipes. For example, learn where to buy your meat and how to best prepare it. Or, learn the techniques of serving fresh vegetables to your dog. Dogs are living creatures and should be given the very best resources for a long, healthy life.

– Melinda Smith

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