Natural Dog Food: How Hard Is It To Make?

Natural Dog Food: How Hard Is It To Make?

homemade dog food recipesDue to recent reports of pet food poisonings, many concerns have arisen over the product safety of commercial dog food. In response, many dog owners have begun making their own natural dog foods. These homemade foods can be safer as well as healthier for your beloved dog. However, it is critically important to thoroughly research the types of foods that are best for your dog, and which foods to avoid.

Choose fresh meat for your dog. It’s best to buy from a butcher or meat processor. These meats will be fresher, can be bought in bulk for better pricing, and you can have the butcher cut up or grind the meat for you if necessary.

Select vegetables to add for natural dog food. The best veggies for the dog are squash, pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, beets, yams, parsnips, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. These will give the dog needed nutrients. Again, pick produce which is as fresh as you can get.

When preparing homemade dog food recipes you need to chop meat and vegetables into bit-sized pieces that your pet can easily eat. For maximum nutritional value, cook meat to rare, just past raw, leaving the meat full of nutrients, juicy and tender. Overcooking the meat can kill many of it’s nutrients.

You should lightly steam vegetables before adding them to the cooked natural dog food. Be sure to only add the recommended vegetables listed above. Also stir the meal and test different areas to make sure there are no hot spots before you give it to your dog. Always allow the cooked food to cool before serving.

homemade dog food recipesSome commercial dog foods offer products that provide healthy meat without harmful ingredients for those times when you may be unable to cook for your pet. Life’s Abundance dog food is one such option that is always available and will assist you in maintaining quality health for your dog.

You can go online to get a lot of information on how to feed your pet a healthy diet. Homemade dog food and natural treats are a wonderful option. You can also learn about which commercial pet foods are good choices. Just don’t forget that protein should be the main part of your pet’s diet and meat should be the major ingredient.

Many concerns have arisen regarding the dangers of feeding pets’ commercial dog food. These concerns have prompted dog owners to start making natural dog food for their beloved dogs, which is not only safer, but easy and healthier. You should learn what types of foods you should feed your dog. On those occasions when for any reason you can not cook homemade dog food recipes for your dog, commercially prepared dog food may be served instead. There are commercial brands which are safe, and that use quality meat. Lifes abundance dog food brand is one of these.

– Melinda Smith

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5 thoughts on “Natural Dog Food: How Hard Is It To Make?

  1. alister penman

    I make my dogs feed and have for many years my latest update was BREWERS YEAST, I never use meat in the mix but I do use rice and gravox, Glucosamine tablets, mix veggies, cooking oil and garlic.
    give him bones to clean is teeth

  2. Randy

    I’m glad to see that someone else recognizes Life’s Abundance as an excellent food for dogs that was never recalled and never contained any of the garbage that other manufacturers put in our pet foods. We’ve been using it for our 3 dogs for over 1 1/2 years since the recalls. They eat less of it than other commercial foods because it is so high in nutrition and are healthier than ever.

  3. Richard

    Very good article. Back to basics is always a good idea. Dogs always eat home made meals long before commercial dog food was around and they have lived for thousands of years.

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