Natural Dog Food as a Healthy Alternative

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Natural Dog Food as a Healthy Alternative

Although the dog is considered to be man’s best friend and his most loyal and faithful companion, little thought is given to how they are fed. Many rely solely on dry pellets or food tins, mass-produced goods of convenience made with little to no consideration for a dog’s nutritional well-being. If you truly value your furry friend, then natural dog food is the only way to take his health seriously.

Natural Dog Food


Natural Dog FoodYet with all due fairness, canned food and dry pellets are very convenient. Dry dog food can be left out for days in the feeding dish, which means there is no need to watch over the dog to ensure he finishes his meal. He or she can merely come and go at his stomach’s urging. Canned food on the other hand, keeps fresh unopened and ensures a moist and tasty meal no matter how long they’re been in the pantry.

That said there are some who would contend that natural dog food is merely a trendy fad spawned from the same hippie urges that have made organic produce and fair trade so fashionable. The reality of the matter is that the convenience of commercial dog food comes at a price. Most brands are filled with disgusting animal by-products, unhealthy gluten and other components not suitable for consumption by dogs.

Worsening matters is the fact that many companies conceal this fact through false advertising and roundabout labelling techniques. Because the term “natural” is interpreted very liberally by food labelling regulations, it is actually possible to sell cow brains and processed intestines and still proclaim it as “natural dog food.” As such, you should pay attention to which companies actually deal in authentic natural products.

Looking for the best natural dog food? Try Honest Kitchen Embark!For example, Honest Kitchen is a company that attempts to merge the convenience of dry food with the healthiness of all-natural ingredients. They take fresh ingredients such as real meat, organic grain and vegetables and place them into a dehydrated process that can be rehydrated with warm water later. The result is a wholesome and colourful meal full of nutrition that can be had with convenience.

Merrick Natural Dog FoodMerrick Dog Food, on the other hand, specializes in wholesome meals that have all the storage convenience of canned food, but with all the aesthetic qualities of human grade food. Their products are free of preservatives, hormones, animal by-products and chemical additives. Some of their varieties include a multi-grain and meat ensemble called Puppy Plate and a wholesome chicken and turkey combo for older dogs called the Senior Medley.

This article introduces readers to the benefits of natural dog food as a nutritional alternative to the staple forms of commercial dog food which are filled with unhealthy components. While commercial dog food can be very convenient, they do little for a dog’s nutritional well-being. However, do not be fooled by false advertising notions of “natural” and turn only to trustworthy brands such as Merrick Dog Food and Honest Kitchen.

– Melinda Smith

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2 thoughts on “Natural Dog Food as a Healthy Alternative

  1. Mike Sagman

    Good advice. The government does not regulate the use of this word. The word “natural” should only be thought of as “not artificial”. When you see it on a dog food product, all it means is that the product is (probably) free of artificial ingredients. The word “natural” is no guarantee that the food is of good quality. The product can still contain other inferior ingredients… like meat and cereal by-products, mill floor sweepings, etc.

  2. Sarah

    It is truely amazing what the dog food companies think they can get away with and us not find out about. I have recently changed my dog diet to home-cooked meals, meals I can trust and know what’s in it and my dog Snowball has improved greatly in his health. He always licked his paws which makes me believe he had an allergy to something. Whatever the offending ingredient was it has been removed now all I have to do is discover what ingredient it is and make sure he doesn’t get it again. My other dog Lady doesn’t seem to have any health problems that way and she loves the meals too.

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