Natural Dog Food and Its Benefits to an Animal’s Health

Natural Dog Food and Its Benefits to an Animal’s Health

Unlike other animals, dogs require optimum health care and regular meals. Dogs used to just be fed the leftovers from the family meal. Today, more people are feeding their pets with carefully prepared food products. Almost all commercially Natural dog foodmade brands contain chemical additives that can be dangerous for dogs, and many animal nutritionists and even some vets now recommend natural dog food to ensure good health care. The benefits of natural dog food and organic dog food have captured the attention of many, with organic pet foods garnering a sales amount $14 million in 2003. Natural food and organic food are different things, but oftentimes if a food is organic it is also natural.  The reverse is usually not the case.

Dog food with pure, and preferably organic, ingredients improves the animal’s metabolism and immune system while regulating other bodily processes.

Some dry dog foods are advertised as “natural”, “organic” or “naturally organic” products.

Orijen Natural Dog FoodsTo be sure of what you’re buying, read through the dog food products’ ingredients carefully. The main ingredients differ for each brand. The first ingredients should be proteins such as chicken, lamb or fish. And you should also ensure that if there is more than one grain listed, that those ingredients do not outweigh the protein ingredients.

A trap for the unwary is to list one protein and then two, three or four grains.  It looks as if the protein is the main ingredient, but it’s not.  When you add the grains up, they are often the primary ingredient, even though the protein may be listed first.  For example, the protein may make up 10% of the ingredients, and the three grains may be 8%, 7% and 5% respectively. Added together, they total double the volume of the protetin – 20%.

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that the main ingredients are appropriate, then make sure there are no added chemicals or preservatives, and if you are after organically based foods, check to see whether the ingredients are organically sourced.

Products which have truly natural ingredients can provide the greatest benefits to a dog. Specific benefits of natural dog foods include reduced allergies and increased energy levels.Wysong natural dog food

A dog’s health is greatly improved with the nutritional value of natural dog foods. By investing in the higher prices of these dog foods, you save more money on potential vet bills. Your dog lives a longer life and doesn’t have to suffer diabetes, hip dysplasia, or organ deterioration. Unlike popular commercial brands, the best natural brands do not have bulk fillers. Balanced energy levels are maintained without the consumption of food fillers.

Your dog’s health is enhanced with the complete amount of nutrients in natural foods. Natural dog foods have quality ingredients that are not contained in known commercial brands. These natural ingredients are more easily digested by the dog’s body and readily remove toxins. Nutrients from the food enable an improvement of the dog’s immune system.

Sojos Original Natural dog foodMany nutritional experts advise dog owners to give their pets Sojos food. Raw or cooked meats can be mixed with Sojourner Farms’ prepared combination. The mix also goes well with bones and vegetables. Try having these products with chicken organs and wings from a local butcher.

Healthy dog foods, including Sojos, can be purchased from online suppliers. Dog food online can offer inexpensive prices compared to local pet stores. The dog food supply comes out cheapest when bought in bulk. Wholesale discounts benefit dog breeders or enthusiastic pet owners. Some online stores offer products not found in local pet supply store. After enough hard work, you can find the best product and price for your dog’s food.

– Melinda Smith

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