Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies

Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies

allergic to petsYou want to find a natural cure for people with dog allergies so you can keep your dog without disrupting the peace in your household.

We all love our dogs (obviously or we wouldn’t have them), but unfortunately some people are prone to develop allergic reaction to them.

First of all, before bringing home your dog, find out if there is anybody in your home that is allergic to pets. If you have no past experience to draw from, try to borrow a dog or cat of the same breed that you plan to adopt and keep him for two weeks. You will probably get an idea if members in your house start sneezing or developing adverse reactions all of a sudden.

If there are some people who ARE allergic, you have to inform them of your plans to adopting a pet. You want to respect them and find out if they are able to make adjustments in order for the whole family to enjoy having a pet at home.

Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies

Looking for a Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies? - Try These!

When looking for a natural cure for people with dog allergies, you have to address the source of the problem itself. Now, most people think that dog hair is the culprit, when actually it’s not. Dog dander and dog saliva are what usually triggers allergic responses in people and fellow animals. To minimize allergies, the best course of action to take is to take care of these elements.

Dog dander are flakes of dry skin left on the animal’s skin or fur. People think that the furrier and bigger dogs are the most prone to cause allergies which is not completely true. The fact is that while fur is not the issue, the area of the body that sheds dry skin is, so the bigger the dog, the bigger the chances of more dander being produced. Look for dog breeds that are classified as ‘hypoallergenic’ and do not shed a lot to reduce the risk of allergies.

Keep Irritants to a Minimum as a Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies

allergic to petsSo how do we keep dog dander and saliva to a minimum? Obviously, we need to regularly groom and bathe our dogs to keep them as need and clean as possible. If you are the person sensitive to dog dander and saliva, then you can bring your dog to a professional groomer, or ask someone to bathe your dog for you. Regular baths inhibit reproduction of irritants that cause allergic reactions in people.

Of course if you bathe your dog way too much, there is a risk of overly drying their skin making it extremely itchy and uncomfortable to them. You can rinse them with clean water or brush them outdoors between baths to help maintain them well.

Take notice of where the dog usually lays and clean that area frequently. You should shampoo and vacuum carpets, draperies and beddings that your dogs often use to prevent the build-up of dander. Buy a home air cleaner and install it in the main room to improve your home’s air quality. Don’t allow the pet into bedrooms so that you have a place that is completely free of potential dog allergens.

If you want to find out more about a natural cure for people with dog allergies and other helpful articles on dog health, may be the best place to go.

Natural Cure for People with Dog Allergies – Try them all before you give up!

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