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Natural Balance dog food is a high quality dog food brand that most dog lovers know about. The good thing about this company is not just varieties of dog food in their mix, but categories as well. The founders understand that there are many kinds of dogs with many kinds of needs, so they endeavored to cater to these needs the best way possible.

Natural Balance Dog Food CategoriesNatural Balance Dog Food

What are some of the categories that Natural Balance offers to their satisfied customers? Dick Van Patten (founder of Natural Balance) segregated his dog food into several groups: dry formulas, canned formulas, ultra premium formulas, allergy formulas, dog food rolls, dog treats and organic formula. If you think that’s extensive, Van Patten added to that and created dog food especially for large dog breeds and small dog breeds.

Under those categories, there are also different kinds of dog food that will be too many to mention. The most popular ones that dogs can’t get seem to get enough of are: lamb and brown rice, sweet potato and bison, sweet potato and chicken, sweet potato and venison, sweet potato and fish, potato and duck formula, vegetarian, organic, reduced calorie and ultra active.

Natural Balance Dog Food – Preservatives? – It’s Not What You Think!

Natural balance dog foodNatural Balance dog food is also preserved with a source of Vitamin E called tocopherols. What does this mean? Vitamin E is a vitamin that our animals’ bodies cannot produce on its own, but without it, their health can be severely endangered. Natural Balance provides a rich source of these Vitamin E compounds needed for your dog’s optimal health.

When you buy Natural Balance, you will notice that the food in every bag will not look the same as the others. This shouldn’t alarm you. The reason for this is that the ingredients come in varying shapes, sizes and colors. Most commercial pet food will stabilize these appearances by applying dyes and chemical additives to them. Natural Balance chooses not to use these preservatives, to make sure that their food are as natural as possible. Just as when you buy food for yourself – meat, vegetables, fruit and so on – each piece of beef sirloin, and each apple, do look slightly different to each other – with Natural Balance dog food this is the case as well.

Best Dog Food Can be Canned - Natural Balance Canned Dog FoodIt shouldn’t surprise you then to know that this premium pet food brand is valued much more highly than its commercial pet food counterparts. Some people waver and are unsure of buying a more expensive bag of dog food but if you think about it, a few extra dollars to ensure your dog’s best health is more than worth it. Click on the images in this article to find excellent Natural Balance products you can use for your pet today.

Remember, if you are weaning your dog away from a particular diet, do it gradually. Add a small amount of Natural Balance dog food into his daily meals and lessen the food he used to take. Increase the ratio of Natural Balance food until the transition is complete. Suddenly changing your dog’s food and eating habits causes stress and may trigger adverse health reactions.

2 thoughts on “Natural Balance Dog Food

  1. Rick

    Hey Brigitte, I had to put-down, My Beautiful Misty, 1 1/2 years ago,and, I now have, a beautiful Tri-Color Border Collie, Dina.
    I feed Her Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Food, and,
    also a little of, whatever I am having. Twice a day, She gets 1/2
    cup of the Dry Food, sometimes, with some canned food on top.
    She likes the Natural Balance, so, for now, I won’t switch. The Vet
    says, Her weight is perfect.
    Thanks, Rick.

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Hey Rick,

    Nice to hear from you again. And I’m sorry to hear about Misty.

    Sounds like Dina is happy and healthy on Natural Balance!


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