Low Protein Dog Food

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Low Protein Dog Food

Low Protein Dog FoodOur dogs need us. That is a fact that will never change. They might be strong and can do a lot of things we cannot do, but when it comes down to it, they need us to survive. They have health concerns that they will not know how to treat. For example, sometimes dogs need to have a low protein dog food diet in order to have better health.

For the most part, dogs are carnivores. They require meat and large amounts of protein in their diet? If this is the case, why would they need low protein dog food? Won’t this be detrimental to his health?

The reason why some dogs need to be on a low protein diet is because they have health concerns that need to be addressed by rectifying their protein intake. You need to have your dog regularly checked up by the vet to monitor his condition because otherwise, putting him on a diet with minimal protein can be very dangerous.

Low Protein Dog FoodWhat are some of the health concerns that warrant the implementation of such a diet? One of the most common causes is those associated with the urinary tract. When protein is not broken down by the body properly, they are converted to uremic wastes. These wastes in large amounts, compounded by the fact that the kidneys aren’t able to adequately process protein, will result in serious kidney health complications. You will notice senior dogs are often beset with chronic kidney failure.

Other than chronic kidney failure, there are other sicknesses that will require you to put your dog on a low protein diet. Some of these canine sicknesses include: acute kidney failure, congenital kidney disease, Glomerulonephrititis, parasitic or bacterial infections, bladder stones and even congenital heart disease.

Signs that your dog may be experiencing some internal problem are extreme thirstiness, frequent urination, nausea or vomiting, weakness, easily fatigued, loss of appetite, depression, unusual bad breath and diarrhea. When this occurs, you need to bring your dog to the vet immediately.

Low Protein Dog FoodLook for low protein dog food that are known for its high quality. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you totally eliminate protein from his diet, rather that the protein used should be easily absorbed by the body. This is called “bio-availability” and will ensure that there will be less toxic wastes accumulated in his system.

Because the kidneys are already working overtime to filter the wastes in the dog’s system, compensate by providing your dog a good diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fatty acids are excellent nutrients that every dog can benefit from. Don’t use cheap dog food that contain a lot of preservatives or phosphorous.

Go to these links to find some really great low protein dog food that you can give your pet. It is important that you give your dog only the best quality dog food so that his health will not be compromised. Do your best and enjoy many more happy years with your dog!

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