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Low Fat Dog FoodDid you know that one of the best things you can do for your dog is to keep a close watch on his diet? That’s right, there are untold stories on how bad dog nutrition have caused pets to suffer through unnecessary sicknesses. Low fat dog food is an excellent way to make sure that your dog is as healthy as healthy can be.

What are the benefits of low fat dog food? Well, to answer that you need to know about the health risks that obesity can cause your beloved pooch. When dogs are over their normal, healthy weight, they are more prone to certain conditions that can escalate into something more detrimental to their health.

One of the more obvious risks in obese dogs is arthritis. The excess weight that the dog is carrying will naturally be more damaging to the joints of the aging dog. Heart diseases, decreased liver function, respiratory, digestive and reproductive problems are also more apparent with overweight dogs.

Aside from the obvious health risks, you will also not be able to enjoy quality time with an overweight dog. Fat is a fantastic insulator if you’re in a cold country, but what about summers in beaches? Can you imagine the torture it will be for your dog? Hefty dogs have lower stamina and energy. They can also develop skin infections as the folds of fat will accumulate oils and possible infections.

Low Fat Dog FoodIt is therefore imperative that you maintain your dog’s ideal weight by providing him with low fat dog food. Keep in mind though that not all kinds of low calorie pet food will suffice. It has to be healthy so that the nutritional value of your dog’s diet is not compromised. Look for healthy pet food brands that offer these kinds of fantastic dog food, food that are low in fat but high in essential vitamins and minerals.

Remember, even though you are giving your dog low fat food, do not over feed him. The calories will still add up without you knowing it. Be vigilant about the snacks in between meals you feed him. Fruits and vegetables like green peas and carrots are great because they make your dog feel full minus the excessive sugar and fat. Always supply him with fresh, clean water to cleanse his system often and help him eliminate more frequently.

Low Fat Dog Food2Aside from good food, you must remember to engage your dog in physical exercise regularly. How about a 20 minute walk around the block? Your dog will love the quality time you spend with him, and this is a great time to encourage him to do his business outside your home. Do not let your dog participate in overly strenuous activities that are too much on his joints. Light, regular exercise is good enough.

Check out the links in this page to find some really great low fat dog food you can feed your pet. Dog nutrition is a vital proponent to dog health and these amazing products will help you achieve your dog’s best health today. Enjoy!

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