Labrador Training

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Labrador Training

Labrador trainingDo you have a Lab? If you do, you know what a joy these gorgeous creatures can be. They are everything you would want in a pet, loyal, friendly, smart and protective. You can have the best family pet if you get them in a good Labrador training program today.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to enroll them in a professional dog training school. You can if you want to, but for most of us, it can be a little too expensive and inconvenient. Get a training DVD that will give you the basics of how to train your pet. Go to the links included in this site to discover a really effective dog training DVD that you can use.

It’s really not that difficult to train canines. You need to be patient and consistent but absolutely anyone can train their dogs. All you need are the basic principles and a few tricks to have an obedient and happy dog.

Labrador TrainingOne of the first things you want to learn in Labrador training is the command, “Come!” When you use a command, be sure that you use it all the time. Do not interchange it with another phrase of the same meaning because dogs will get confused easily. Also, do not use “Come!” when you are going to give your dog a bath, a scolding, or a grooming. You don’t want him to associate coming to you with an activity that is not very pleasant to him.

Other than “Come!” your dog must also know and respond to his own name. I don’t know if you have chosen a good name for your pet, but there are several popular Labrador names you can choose from. Find one that exemplifies your dog’s characteristics or reminds you of something good.

You can use a clicker when teaching your pet to know their name. Call their name and when they look to you, press the clicker and immediately give them a doggie treat. Do this around 10 times. Now, take a rest and move to another place. Call out his name again. When he looks at you, praise him profusely and give him a doggie treat again.

Labrador TrainingOne thing you need to know in Labrador training is that this breed just loves to please his master. It’s what makes them happy. As such, positive reinforcement is an effective way to train your lab. Make sure you reward good behavior with lavish praise. I mean, really make sure he knows how much you pleased him. When he sees that you are happy with him, it gives him all the more incentive to do the things which you like.

Labrador training can be a little frustrating at times, but don’t let that get to you. Enjoy this time as a fantastic way to get to know your pet even more! When you look at it as a great bonding experience you can share with your pet, you’ll be surprised at how well-trained he is before long. Have fun!

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