Labrador Retriever Training

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Labrador Retriever Training

Labrador Retriever TrainingIf you have a Labrador, you must be a happy man (or woman). These beautiful creatures are a joy to be around with! There is only one thing better than a lab, and that is a well trained lab. Let’s find out more about the basics of excellent Labrador retriever training tips in this super helpful article today.

Before anything else, you must make it a point to establish your position as the head of the pack. Dogs, no matter how much of a family they are to us, are still animals after all. They instinctively follow and submit to their leader, but this is not an automatic thing. Often, he will try to test you in one way or another. Your dog will try to control you by whining, or by being aggressive. Whatever happens, you need to stand your ground and let him know that you are the leader. When he knows this, dog training will be a lot easier.

Labradors are pretty intelligent animals. They need to be mentally and physically stimulated to be really happy. When you train them, be sure to make “dog school” fun and interesting for them. You don’t have to have hour long training sessions with them. A fifteen minutes session interspersed throughout the day has been proven effective for many experienced pet owners.

Labrador Retriever TrainingThere are several tools you can use for training dogs. Dog clickers and leashes can help produce more well-trained dogs. Electronic collars are also available that some pet owners use. Now, for many this sounds like a cruel thing to use for pets. It emits a static vibratory pulse through the collar in varying degrees to surprise them into stopping unfavorable behavior. If you are not comfortable in utilizing these collars, you can use other methods instead.

You might also want to try some canine training DVDs to help you with this endeavor. There are several really great DVDs that professional trainers have come up with that effectively teach your dog great tricks. Search through this site and find really useful resources on dog training that will accelerate your dog’s progress significantly. I know, I’ve tried them and it has worked for me tremendously.

Labrador Retriever TrainingNow, don’t forget to spend quality time with your dog. It’s really important that you make an effort to really bond with your pet. As you strengthen your relationship, you are building a better connection and he will have a deeper trust in you. This is critical in training but more than that, it will make you a better master to a loving and faithful dog.

You may have had some reserves about Labrador retriever training, but as you progress with your training, you’ll find that this is not a hard thing at all. Be kind but firm when you speak to your dog, keep training short and enjoyable, and utilize the many canine training tools and resources at your disposal. It won’t be long before you find yourself an owner of a happy and well trained Labrador retriever. Have fun!

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