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With the countless commercial pet food available in the market today, which ones are the most beneficial to your dog’s health? You need holistic dog food produced by a company that truly cares about your dog’s needs – in other words, you need Innova dog food.

Innova Dog Food Products


Innova Dog FoodInnova dog food products are among the best premium pet food you will ever find. You only need to look for other pet owners to know that this is a brand that they can entrust their dog’s health with. Innova really focuses on health, in fact, the whole product line of Natura does.

Natura is the company that Innova is under in. Natura Pet Products is known for combining the highest quality of healthy food to make some of the best tasting pet food around. Don’t expect a boring diet of nuts and tofu with Natura products – they have the most interesting food that your dog will surely love to chow on!

Innova Dog Food Brand – Natura

The Innova dog food brand is Natura’s answer to your dog’s complete dietary needs. Every single product you find here will incorporate the essential elements where our animals can get their nutrition namely: protein, dairy, vegetable, fruits, and grain. They also have fats and oils that are a great source of fatty acids, and make the food taste really good also.

Innova Dog FoodDogs are meat eaters so they need a generous serving of meat daily. Lean protein as found in chicken, turkey and beef contain amino acids that promote the animal’s best health. The grains in Innova pet food are natural whole grains which are a rich source of B vitamins, iron, fiber, selenium and carbohydrates. These boost and sustain the energy levels of your pet.

The dairy, vegetable and fruits found in Innova products are enriched with vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin A, as we know, improves eyesight, encourages bone and teeth development and enhances the immune system of the animal. The vegetable ingredients like carrots, potatoes and alfalfa are not processed like the typical commercial pet food so you can expect all the nutrients that are locked in these meals will greatly benefit your pet’s health.

Compare Innova Dog Food to Other Pet Foods

When you compare Innova dog food to other commercial dog food, you will find that it lives up Innova dog foodto the highest standard of dog food there is. Of course with the quality comes the price. Innova is valued with a higher price because Natura pet foods will not allow low-quality ingredients, artificial additives, and substandard human food processing by-products in any of their products. The by-products incidentally, is what makes the other commercial dog food cheaper – and is devoid of any nutritional value.

If you are not so sure whether a high quality dog food brand is worth the price, it is. Imagine – you will have a healthier dog which means that they will be less likely to be sick and need expensive medicines and vet bills. On top of that, your dog will look more attractive as well. Invest in your dog’s life and buy Innova dog food for him today!

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  1. Mary

    I don’t think I would buy this food anymore. The company has been acquired by Proctor and Gamble and who knows what they might put into this food. I imagine they might change the formula.

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