Important Information About Dog Worms

Important Information About Dog Worms

Dog Worms – a Real Problem

Dog WormsDog worms are a common enemy that our beloved dogs have to deal with. These infinitesimal health hazards can be found almost everywhere dirt, soil, feces, sand, etc. What are some of the things we need to know about dog worms?

There are several types of worms that our dogs can suffer from round worm, hook worm, pin worms, tape worm and whip worm. The most common of these worms that our pets have to deal with are round worms and hookworms. Unfortunately, these particular internal parasites can be transmitted to humans (also called zoonosis). Children are found to be more susceptible to these because they are often in close contact with the pets and may accidentally ingest the larvae of these parasites.

Dog Worms Infestation

Dog WormsSome people don’t think much of worm infestation but if your pet is not treated properly, it may lead to other health complications. Larvae migrate to other organs of the body and can do irreparable damage to them. Many dogs with worm infestation that were not treated in a timely manner have suffered from serious internal health problems.

How do you know if your pet does have worms? The common symptoms of worm infestation is weight loss, lack of appetite, a dull coat of hair, a pot belly, lethargy, coughing, diarrhea and vomiting. When you see these symptoms, you must bring your pet to the vet right away. It is important to accurately diagnose your dog’s symptoms so he will get the appropriate treatment for it.

Worm Treatment Options for Dog Worms

You can find many over the counter medications that cure internal parasites. Be very careful about the drugs you administer your pet though because many of these are actually mild forms of pesticides and a prolonged usage of such drugs over a period of time may result in more damage to his health.

Opt instead for natural alternatives that are effective for worm treatment. Several responsible companies are coming out with herbal products that naturally flush out the parasites from your dog’s system without the use of unnecessary toxins. The natural elements used in these healthy supplements more often than not, also have other health benefits that your pet will enjoy. You can find these natural products from reliable pet-care sites and forums.  Worm Treatment for Dog Worms

Of course, it is always better to do your part in preventing worm infestation. Make sure that you and your other family members wash your hands thoroughly after handling your dog. Remove feces from your home and/or backyard as soon as you are able. Keep your dog from mingling with animals that may be dirty or are dead. A saline solution sprayed over your dog’s crate or beddings is another good way to prevent further worm infestation.

Make sure that you take your dog to the vet regularly for health checks. It is wise to  consult your vet with any worm treatment medication you are giving your pet even if it is herbal. Do what you can in preventing and treating dog worms and enjoy a healthy and happy pet!

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