The Importance Of Reading Dog Information

The Importance Of Reading Dog Information

Natural Balance Dog FoodIn this age when healthy living is given emphasis, many people still tend to forget how to make healthy dog food choices. This is not surprising to know because on a daily basis, unsuspecting dog owners are presented with visually interesting advertisements by various dog food brands claiming that their products are veterinary recommended or 100% natural balance dog food. With so many dog food choices available in your local grocery store, chances are, you’re already confused where to get the right information for your pet’s food. However, if you’re just mindful enough to read the label of the dog food you are holding, you’ll definitely acquire basic knowledge whether you’re feeding your dog healthy meals or just scraps.

The first thing that you would notice on dog information label is the so called general display information that contains the dog food brand name. Included here is the so called benefits class information which denotes the basic benefits that your dog will receive once he or she eats certain dog food; common examples includes hair maintenance, nutrition level, weight loss and more. The canine class information is also contained in this information, which specifically pertains to the correct age and category of canines that the food should be fed to such as puppy level or adult level. The basic information also tackles the quantity of dog food product.

The next dog information found either at the back or sides of commercial dog food products are more ingredient specific. Here, you would know the general analysis of protein and fat found in the dog food, along with the amount of water and fiber contents. Be sure to check on the phosphorous levels of your dog food as too much amount of phosphorous could cause renal disease, which is the most common cause of canine deaths. Nonetheless, never buy a dog food product that contains animal by-products, fillers like corn as well as artificial colors and flavoring as these ingredients could profoundly alter your pet’s diet. Sadly though, almost all commercial brands contain these ingredients, and often they are major ingredients in the food.

dog informationAs most commercial dog food products contain the same information, most of which are just rewrites of another dog food brand, it could still be troubling to find the best one for your furry friend. With these dangers just hiding around the corner, going for meals that are made from natural or organic ingredients is perhaps the most logical thing to do. Today, much attention is given from the benefits that can be derived from feeding canines with organic dog food products. As a matter of fact, many veterinarians could testify about the ability of natural dog food products to lessen the risks of health issues ranging from allergies to cancer.

Similar to their commercial dog food counterparts, natural dog food products also contain dog information labels that present their ingredient information. But if you would compare the ingredient contents of these products, you can easily point out the differences in many aspects. While commercial food products are packed with preservatives an synthetic ingredients to intensify their smell and tastes, natural dog food products on the other hand do not contain any preservatives and synthetic products, rather they are mainly processed with the use of all natural and human-quality ingredients. From here, you could easily point out the advantage of natural dog food products over commercial dog food products which are compounded with preservatives and synthetic additives that could poison your pet’s body. Although natural isn’t exactly at equal footing with organic, these two are by far more appropriate as dog meals than any commercial brands available in the market.

Natural Balance Canned Dog FoodBefore you accord to use organic dog food however, be sure that your choice is manufactured by a trusted company. It always pays to be sure; with emerging dog food products every month, along with the massive recalls of commercial dog food products, you can never be sure whether these companies are infiltrating the natural dog food market. A little research could always go a long way. At the end of the day, your vigilance would greatly benefit you and your beloved dog.

As an informed dog owner, you must know what dog information should be incorporated on your pet’s commercial dog food. Of course, no dog owner would like to jeopardize the health of their pets so it is important for them to pick the right natural balance dog food to ensure that their pets would receive the nutrition they need. However, just to be sure organic dog food products are good alternatives for commercial dog food.

– Brigitte Smith

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