How To Select Appropriate Dog Food For Puppies

How To Select Appropriate Dog Food For Puppies

dog food for puppiesIt is essential to have a special dog food for puppies especially in their formative years. As opposed to full grown dogs, puppies have unique dietary and nutritional requirements that can be better catered to by certain kinds of meals that are especially formulated for their life stage. In fact, many puppy meals contain more proteins than adult canine maintenance food as these proteins are necessary to support these young canines’ rapid growth and development. Probably, by now, you’re thinking: ‘how do I pick the right pet food appropriate for my puppies’ needs?’

A walk down the aisle of local grocery stores and you will find yourself face to face with hundreds of varieties of dog food products intentionally made for puppies. Yet, as a dog owner, you must take into consideration that not all of these edible products would work well for your puppies. It is essential that you pick a special formula that would complement their health needs in order to support their rapid growth as well as energy level. As a rule of thumb, it is advised to go for puppy meals that have no more than 25 percent of protein, does not contain fillers, especially formulated for puppies and for their breed size, contains digestible protein instead of bone meals, passed the quality standards set by AAFCO and are specifically recommended by your pets’ veterinarian.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodHonest Kitchen dog meals might be the perfect solution for your puppies’ nutritional and health needs. This canine food company uses an innovative approach when it comes to dog health and nutrition–all natural, delicious and raw dog meals that your puppies will surely enjoy. All their dog food formulas integrate the wholesomeness of homemade diet packed with scientifically balanced blend of nutritious ingredients in easy-to-prepare packages, all approved by AAFCO. Because they are devoted to providing dog owners with the healthiest meal selections for their pooches, they made sure that all the ingredients and manufacturing processes they utilize are 100% human-grade in quality.

It is worth mentioning that two of the dehydrated canine food formulas produced by Honest Kitchen are ideal for puppies: Embark and Thrive dog meals. These formulas are intentionally designed to work for canine pets of different life stages including puppies, active adults, pregnancy and nursing. Embark contains low carbohydrate recipe constituted of vegetables, fruits and cage-free turkey and is devoid of grains, which makes it one of the most recommended meals to include in cancer recovery programs for dogs. On the other hand, their Thrive dog meal is also low in carbohydrates and gluten-free, making it ideal for pets that have sensitive stomachs.

Other than their holistic dog food products, Honest Kitchen also has this revolutionary treat they call ‘ice pups,’ especially developed for young canines. Rather than using the usual shaped gourmet treats, the company uses a mouth-watering powdery mix that you can combine with warm water to provide a liquid treat for your puppies. This treat can be served as a warm broth during winter months, as a chilled refreshing beverage or freeze sorbet during the summer. Ice pups is made from dehydrated chicken, whey, Turkey, asparagus, watercress, parsley, dandelion and honey, which makes it a perfectly nourishing and delicious treat for puppies. Notably, this Honest Kitchen treat is also ideal not only for puppies but also for canines that have kidney issues, lowered appetite and are recovering from post operation. It is also acknowledged to increase palatability, which makes it an ideal reinforcement if you would like to transition your dog to a new diet. Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Of course, Honest Kitchen isn’t the only canine food line that specialize in high quality meals for puppies and adult pets. There are myriads of canine food brands that provide nutritional meals that could boost dog health and wellness. Before you hit the market for your puppies’ meals, it is always best to discuss your pups’ dietary needs with your veterinarian as he or she is the most qualified person to give you an advice about the type, serving amount and sometimes the brand that would befit your puppies. Nonetheless, you should also do some researching on your part to become an informed dog owner so that you can provide the best meals to your puppies that would warrant their growth and development.

Puppies have certain health and dietary needs that can only be met by certain types of dog food products. Normally, puppy meals have higher protein contents than adult dog meals to properly support their still immature dog health as well as their rapid growth. If you would like to make sure about the health of your puppies, choose either Embark or Thrive dog meals from Honest Kitchen as these products are formulated with canine health and sensitivities in mind.

– Brigitte Smith

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