How To Care For Dog Emergencies – Bleeding Wounds

dog injuryKnowing what to do for your dog in various emergency situations is always useful – in fact, on occasion it could actually be life saving.

Here are some useful tips on what to do if your dog has injured himself and has a bleeding wound.

Knowing what to do when faced with a dog emergency, may mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

Dog owners, who spend more time outdoors with their dogs during the spring and summer months, should be prepared to face any injuries or emergencies that might happen to their dog.

Any emergency is stressful and scary, and that includes emergencies that involve your pet. The first thing to keep in mind is to remain calm. Not only will you be able to think more clearly, but it will have a calming effect on your dog during a time of high stress for them too.

The best way to care for deep bleeding wounds is to apply a clean cloth and hold it in place for five minutes, and then tape the cloth to the wound. The original cloth should never be removed, and instead be layered with more cloths if blood soaks through.Get your dog veterinary attention as soon as possible. dog injury

If your dog should get a hold of the wrong type of amphibian in his or her mouth, it could lead to poisoning. If you notice your dog drooling, whining, and wiping at his or her mouth, especially after a trip to the forest, get your dog to a clean water source and rinse their mouth thoroughly.

Calvin Brown of says it’s pretty easy to clean most of the poison from your dog’s tongue and glands. But if the poison is left in your dog’s mouth it could be fatal. So it’s still best to get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Mr. Brown goes on to say The biggest factor in a dog’s survival, is how prepared the dog’s owner is to deal with any emergency that might happen.

– I couldn’t actually raise anything at the site referred to, but I’ve found an alternate resource with a similar title – the Dog Owner’s Guide.

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