Honest Kitchen Dog Food

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Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodHonest Kitchen dog food  is manufactured by The Honest Kitchen, a family-owned manufacturer dedicated to creating holistic, dehydrated and human-grade pet food. The Honest Kitchen’s food is produced in an Illinois human-grade facility that makes cereals and other foods for human consumption.

The Honest Kitchen is dedicated to ensuring that pets get the best food possible. The company focuses on using only quality ingredients in their recipes. The recipes are made with free-range chicken, cage-free turkey and the like as well as other fresh produce such as celery, spinach, apples and green beans. Moreover, The Honest Kitchen uses a unique approach to its food preparation and uses a gentle dehydration process that they claim will help ensure product quality.

Like raw and home cooked diets, Honest Kitchen dog food is made from real, whole food ingredients that offer a very fresh, minimally processed pet food option. They are healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals that only require water before serving them. The company’s dehydration process removes only moisture from the ingredients used. It is also because of this process that their pet foods are never cooked, canned or extruded thus maintain much of the natural nutrition that’s packed with vitamins, minerals and valuable phytonutrients.

Honest Kitchen Dog FoodMoreover, Honest Kitchen dog food is grain free and gluten free, making it a natural dog food recipe that’s best for adult dogs with grain allergies or sensitive stomachs. Many dog owners are now looking at gluten free dog food for their pets. Gluten is a protein derived from wheat and other grains such as barley and rye. These grains are used as a source of carbohydrates as well as fillers found in dog foods in the market. Unfortunately, gluten allergy is relatively common in dogs and the symptoms of gluten sensitivities can manifest through skin and coat or fur issues, as well as digestive difficulties.

The key benefits of Honest Kitchen dog food are first, it is suitable for all life stages. It’s also ideal for puppies, pregnancy, lactating dogs, and active adult dogs. Second, it’s grain-free and gluten-free and does not contain cheap fillers such as corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. Third, it is finely diced for easy digestion. And finally, preparation is easy – just add water and you’re ready to serve a wholesome, human-grade meal. You can also use this food as a base to which you can add your own fresh foods right from your own kitchen. In addition, all Honest Kitchen dog food come in eco-friendly packaging. It is contained in a fine, recyclable “minimalist” and unprinted barrier bag that efficiently protects the food inside helps reduce materials usage and waste. Finally, Honest Kitchen dog food is made in a human food facility using 100% human-grade ingredients fresh from the farm to your pet’s bowl.

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