Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

Homemade Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

There are many homemade dog treats which we can give our pets. There are those which we can buy from the market or alternatively, we can opt to create them ourselves. Whenever we personally prepare our dog food, it bears many built in advantages. The biggest advantage is that we are able to monitor what our dogs are actually taking.

Homemade Dog Treats


homemade dog treatsMaking our own treats will give us peace of mind about the safety of our pets’ food. This comprises something that no manufactured dog food, regardless of the cost or reputation, could give us. We only want the best for our pets because we love them as our family members. We don’t want a scenario where our dog’s wellness is compromised by food poisoning due to substandard manufactured dog food.

In giving treats to our pets, there is only one measure – can we actually consume the food ourselves? If yes, then we are showing that we are credit worthy pet owners towards our dogs. Still, if the answer is no, then we may be acting irresponsibly and perchance we should rethink what we are feeding them. Our great love for our dogs demands that we only feed them food that we ourselves would actually eat.

In making homemade dog food, we should only use organic foods. By exercising so, we are preserving the health systems of our pets which can also lengthen their life spans. Utilizing organic foods has been proven to escalate the stamina and the health of our pets. They’ll end up fitter, and more energetic.

Homemade Dog Treats with Lamb

homemade dog treaatsIt would be ideal if we use lamb meat for our homemade treats and food. In the alternative, we may also use beef or pork so long as we avoid the fattiest parts.  We must also be very careful to leave out any bones since they are potential choking hazards for our pets.

All of us love our dogs and it is no empty rhetoric that dogs have been labeled as man’s best friend. They’re always there to keep us company and afford us comfort. They shower us with love, fondness, and companionship despite the moments when we turn them away. Would it be humane to repay this loyalty by feeding them inferior dog food that is usually wide-cut of extenders, or can we find it within our hearts to convey our love by making them their personal home made dog food?

Organic Homemade Dog Treats

Healthy food and treats are beneficial to both dog and owner as it provides good health and a sense of security to each respectively. Home made dog food and treats are best made with lamb meat and organic ingredients, to maximize the wellness of our pets and our sense of devotion to them.

– Melinda Smith

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