Home Remedy For Whipworms in Dog

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Home Remedy For Whipworms in Dog

Is your dog losing weRemedy For Whipworms in Dogight? Does he have traces of blood in his stool? Is he listless and have low energy for no apparent reason? If this sounds like your dog, it might be that he is suffering from a case of worm infestation. Discover a great home rem when you read this super helpful article today.

What are whipworms? There are several types of worms in dogs. These worms may have different appearances, symptoms and treatments, but they are all equally detrimental to your dog’s health. Let’s find out more about whipworms and what we can do about it.

Whipworms get their name from how they look like. These are long, whip-shaped parasites that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The vet will need to take a stool sample and blood tests in order to determine if your dog does have this particular worm. Unfortunately, whipworms are zoonotic in nature, meaning they can be passed on to humans.

These internal parasites usually reside in the animal’s colon and intestines. However they have been known to travel to other parts of the dog’s systems as well. When they do, they will cause severe complications to the host’s health. Severe worm infestation can cause fever, lung and digestive problems and anemia.

Remedy For Whipworms in DogSo what can we do to treat worms in dogs? There are many medications that claim to kill the worms that are living in your dog’s system. You need to administer de-worming treatments regularly to ensure that the worm eggs are killed, and prevent the development of any new worms. The problem with this is that most of these pharmaceutical drugs contain harsh chemicals that will be more damaging to your dog’s health in the long run.

It is highly recommended that you give your dog natural and holistic remedies when treating their dog worms. Cloves are a safe and effective worm killer that has been used for many, many years now. Black walnut hulls, pumpkin seeds and garlic are also known to be really good in removing parasites from the animal’s digestive system. Ask a vet highly knowledgeable in holistic remedies what other herbs he can recommend to give a wormy dog.

Remedy For Whipworms in DogYou can buy these ingredients individually and mix it all together to give to your dog. There are also excellent supplements that contain these ingredients to specifically target and eliminate worms in your dog’s body. You can find these valuable products and resources by clicking on the link provided in this article. Many pet owners have used these products faithfully and experienced a significant improvement in their pet’s over-all health.

Do not just give an effective home remedy for whipworms in dog, aim to consistently provide a healthy diet for him as well. A well-balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and nutrients will keep away internal as well as external parasites from your dog. Moreover, a strong immune system will make sure that your dog will be able to fight bacterial infections that dogs always encounter.

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