Home Remedy for Puppy Parvo?

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Home Remedy for Puppy Parvo?

Parvo is a deadly disease.  Do NOT attempt a home remedy for parvo if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.  This article is about preventing parvo, as well as treating parvo, and its focus is on natural remedies (prevention and treatment).  Do NOT use ANY of this article as advice.  It is general information ONLY.  Please, click on the links and find out about your options, but if my dog already had parvo, I’d be seeing my vet immediately.

home remedy for puppy parvoBefore you look for a home remedy for puppy parvo, it is important to know what this condition is.  Parvo is a viral disease the affects dogs, generally puppies more so than adult dogs, but adult dogs are certainly not immune. The virus is attracted to areas of the body where there is rapid cell growth, such as the lining of the intestine. Here, the virus will attack and kill those cells. This can cause symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, depression and a drop in the white blood cells of the animal. Additionally, parvo can infect the muscles of the heart. When this occurs, it can lead to sudden death.

Prior to trying any treatment, you should know the symptoms of the condition. Because the virus attacks the lining of the digestive symptom, many puppies are unable to take in the nutrients and fluids they require, causing them to be undernourished. Other symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite, and a high fever. In some situations, the puppies that go without treatment can face dehydration, which leads to shock and probable death.

There are prevention and treatment options. The most common parvo prevention is parvo vaccinations, which are commonplace all over the world. These vaccinations allow the body to receive a very small, weakened dose of the virus that allows the body to develop antibodies for it. Yet, for many people, giving their pets these vaccinations is not acceptable or possible.

home remedy for puppy parvoIn these situations, finding a home remedy for puppy parvo is important. One of the best solutions for preventing parvo, and indeed for treating parvo in puppies without a vaccination is to use Parvaid and Colloidal Silver, called CS. This type of prevention or treatment is an option for many people who prefer not to vaccinate their dogs.  With the use of this type of natural parvo prevention or treatment, you can see a good increase in the puppy’s ability to eat and to stop vomiting. The Parvaid products work well, either as a preventative, or when given to infected puppies quickly and with constant treatment.

If your puppy has not been vaccinated for parvo, your pet is at risk for catching this virus. It does not have to spread just from one dog to the next. In fact, if another animal comes in contact with the virus, they can take it into their homes and infect dogs this way. This highly contagious condition is not one to look at lightly.

The best, and most responsible, thing to do is to have your puppy vaccinated for parvo OR use natural “home” remedies for puppy parvo prevention.

If you don’t take one of these options, or if the vaccination fails to provide adequate coverage (as it does – more often than people realize), your puppy may well contract this deadly disease.

home remedy for puppy parvoIf this happens, getting puppies urgent treatment for parvo is important. Home remedies for puppy parvo like Parvaid do work, but you still need to seek out medical attention for the pet whenever possible. If you plan to leave the pet at home alone while ill, he or she could die from dehydration (these pets will stop drinking water on their own). In some situations, the only way to get the treatments to work is through the use of IV fluids, which may need to be administered by a vet.

While the cost of vaccinating your puppy may be high, the risk of death from parvovirus is incredibly high. Take note of any symptoms in your puppy and get them help as quickly as possible.  Parvo treatment options for use at home are limited, but there is help in treating parvo is undertaken quickly enough.

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