Home Remedies for Dog Urinary Tract Infection

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Home Remedies for Dog Urinary Tract Infection

Dog Urinary Tract InfectionIf you’re dog has UTI, then you need to look for home remedies for dog urinary tract infection. These are not only more inexpensive than many traditional medicines out there, it is also safe and healthy to use for your dog.

To know which home remedies for dog urinary tract infection is most beneficial, it is important that you understand UTI in dogs and what it does to a dog system. When you are prepared, you have better chances to fight the sickness and to prevent it from happening again to your beloved dog.

Canine UTI is a fairly common condition, especially for the older dogs who have sustained a lot of wear and tear in their bodies. This doesn’t mean, however, than younger dogs are safe from ever acquiring this sickness. There are cases when younger dogs do develop UTI, and it is said that female dogs are especially susceptible to this condition as well.

Dog Urinary Tract InfectionThere are several possible causes of UTI. As we have mentioned, one can arise because of weakening of the dog’s body. Sometimes though, it can also be because of a tumor or gall bladder stones that infect the lower urinary tract area that results in UTI. Other times a bacterial or fungal infection sets in from the dog’s genital areas and it escalates into a full blown UTI disease.

You will recognize a dog with UTI if he exhibits several symptoms, namely: frequent urination, increased thirstiness, blood in the urine or stool, foul smell and cloudiness of urine, fever, listlessness, back pain, vomiting, inflamed genital area, difficulty in peeing. When this occurs, it is very important that you bring him to the vet for a thorough examination so you can determine what course of action to take.

If the UTI is in the more advanced stages, your vet will need to prescribe your dog antibiotics and even surgery to get rid of the blockage and infection that is making your dog sick. However, if you are able to arrest the sickness from the onset, you will not need to take such drastic measures to cure your dog. Consult your vet for possible homeopathic and herbal remedies that you can use to improve his urinary tract health and over-all well-being as well.

The herb buchu is a natural UTI remedy that works to clean the toxins in the blood. Cranberry is used even by people suffering from UTI because it helps in keeping the foreign substances and bacteria from adhering to the bladder. Cantharsis is another natural remedy that is used to help alleviate the discomfort and burning that UTI brings.

Home Remedies for Dog Urinary Tract InfectionThe key is also to give your dog as much fluids as possible to cleanse his system. Increase your dog’s intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C acidifies the intestinal tract, making it an inhospitable environment from bacteria and fungal infections. Lime, lemon, apple cider vinegar and cranberry are great supplements that really work to get rid of the problem in your dog’s urinary tract system. You should also remember to clean your dog’s genital area regularly. Remember that it is common for the genitals to be an entryway for bacteria to come into your dog’s system. Cut the hair around this area to avoid further infection, and make sure you bring them out to pee or defecate frequently.

Be sure to invest in fresh food for your dog. Commercial kibble have ingredients that contribute to the formation of bladder stones and should be avoided as much as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables and premium meat are a lot better for your dog’s health.

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