Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe – Chicken Dinner for Your Dog

Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe – Chicken Dinner for Your Dog

6 chicken thighs, drumsticks or white meat Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe
1 stalk celery sliced thickly
3 carrot peeled and halved
2 small potato peeled and cubed
2 cups uncooked rice

Place chicken pieces in large pot. Cover with cold water (5 -6 cups).
Add carrots, celery, and potatoes to water. Cover and simmer on low heat about 2 hours until the chicken becomes tender. Add the rice, cover and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes until the rice is tender and most of the liquid is absorbed.
Remove soup from heat. Pull the chicken meat off the bone ( if will practically fall off), and discard bones. Be very careful not to leave any bones in the meal.
Return shredded pieces to pot. Stir well. Allow to cool. Store in the refrigerator or freeze.

This dog food recipe is sufficient to feed a large dog up to 2 meals, a medium dog approximately 4 meals or a small dog 6 or more meals.

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Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe

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Your dog will thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe – Chicken Dinner for Your Dog

  1. Swapna --Leo's Amma

    take 2 chicken legs…. brown in a little olive oil with turmeric, salt, cayenne, coriander, little ginger, cumin…..add celery, peeled potato (no green or black), carrot.. dash of vinegar ..smells pretty good …add water…cook till done add peas, carrot and beans if frozen.

    Spices ..all dashes…3 dashes of turmeric…. the spices are like a dash..

    i may add a pinch of lentils and I also add oat meal to the sauce.

    This is fast to make and you can always add liver or gizzards.

    I debone the legs, give Leo the gristles.
    I cook the rice separate..

  2. Brigitte Smith

    Thanks for your variation on the homemade dog food recipe, Swapna.

    It sounds delicious!

    You did say to debone the legs, but I just want to stress that again – it is imperative to carefully remove ALL cooked chicken bones from your dog’s food. They can be very dangerous – even fatal – if eaten by your dog.


  3. Vynn Wills

    Am looking for recipe for low fat diet for 9 yr old dog(small) who has developed severe pancreatitis. Can you help?

  4. Fritz

    Our RT has pancreatitis had on the chicken diet helped alot. Give 3 meals day to each meal add 1 super digestaway tablet and 1 acidophilus tablet. Sure made a world difference in our dog.

  5. graeme

    do you have any designs for building dog yards as i want to start breeding maltese any site would be mostly helpful

  6. Jean Rubner

    My son’s 11-yr-old yorkie also had severe pancreatitis. Hope your dog is doing well. Just found this site today. Send me a reply and I will send you the recipe he uses.

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