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High Protein Dog FoodThere are a lot of dog food products around. It is critical that you give him the most beneficial diet to ensure his long and active life. What your dog needs is a diet of high protein dog food to keep him fit and healthy.

Why is high protein dog food important to give your dog? Canines were descended from the same family of wolves, which makes them carnivorous by nature. This means they eat meat, the most ideal source of protein around. You can feed dogs a lot of nutritional stuff but you should never forget that the primary element that should be included in their nutrition is protein.

The amount of protein that a dog needs may vary at different stages in his life. Pregnant and nursing dogs need a lot of protein to stay healthy for both them and the baby. Puppies also will benefit from calories and protein to aid in their growth. If you have a performance dog, they will need even more high protein meals to sustain them in their competitions. Racing dogs for instance, need about 35% more protein in their diet.

High Protein Dog FoodBe careful though that you have your dog examined by the vet. There are some instances wherein a high amount of protein might actually harm your dog because of a dog sickness or disorder of some sort. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your dog no protein. It means that you should find a dog food brand that gives protein that is more easily digested by his system.

Lamb and chicken meat are the most digestible sources of protein. Pork meat is recommended for dogs that are more sensitive or allergic (pork seldom gives adverse allergic reaction to dogs). Lean beef, fish and turkey are also other excellent sources of protein. When you feed these kinds of meat, make sure you chop them into bite sized pieces to make it easier for the dog to chew.

Fresh is always better although it is understandable that this is not always doable for the busy pet owner. There are several premium dog food products that will supply the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients that your pet needs. Make sure though that you only feed your dog the best high protein dog food to eliminate health problems in the future.

Check the label of the dog foHigh Protein Dog Foodod. The first ingredients should be meat. Now some manufacturers are tricky and they put the meat first, but the rest of the ingredients are grains and other lesser quality protein substitutes. It may cost more to buy dog food with quality ingredients, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Many pet owners see the difference that excellent dog food brands make in their dogs.

Go to these links to find out what are the best high protein dog food products are there in the market today. Invest in your dog’s health and enjoy a happy and healthy dog when you do. Enjoy!

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