Healthy Homemade Dog Food for the Allergic Dog

Healthy Homemade Dog Food for the Allergic Dog

homemade dog food recipesIt is important to find healthy homemade dog food recipes that will help control the incessant scratching that often occurs if your dog suffers from food related allergies. There are certainly some recipes that contain ingredients that help control your dog’s desire to constantly scratch himself. Obviously it is always important to have your dog checked out by your vet to exclude other causes for the allergy that may require some other form of treatment.

Dog allergies can be caused by any number of factors. Sometimes your vet will be able to easily pinpoint the problem, but very often the cause can remain a mystery. Many allergies are caused by certain types of food (especially commercial dog food), but they can also be caused by certain plants, or chemicals or other contaminants in your dog’s environment.

Unless the vet can identify and effectively treat the allergy (preferably without using chemicals and drugs), changing your dog’s diet to a low allergen diet is always a good idea. And eliminating all commercial food is a great first step. Be on the lookout for healthy homemade dog food recipes.

As you probably know, my own preference is for raw food, but one of the safest cooked recipes for dogs with allergies has the following ingredients: ground chicken, a handful of chopped fresh vegetables, rice, eggs, and water as needed. The procedure for the preparation is as follows: Mix the ingredients together as you would a regular meat loaf, then bake in a loaf pan in a pre-heated moderate oven until it is cooked – usually 45 to 60 minutes depending upon the volume that you are cooking. Ensure that you cool the mixture well before feeding it to your dog. You can feed this recipe cooled, or refrigerated.

You can also use ground beef or lamb, but for most dogs with allergies, chicken is the least likely to cause problems.

Feed this diet for a month and compare your dog’s condition at the end of the month to see if this homemade dog food has been beneficial or not to your dog’s allergies. Be sure to stay away from salt as adding salt has been associated with outbreaks of skin irritation. Dogs with persistent dry skin and skin irritations might well benefit by being given purified low sodium water to drink.

homemade dog food recipesAnother dog owner who owns a dog with allergies was kind enough to share healthy homemade dog food recipes that worked for her. She prepared a stew with only lean chicken meat and potatoes as ingredients. She fed this food to her dog as a start and managed to observe that her dog’s condition began to improve. After this, she started to include vegetables and barley into the stew. She discontinued commercial dog foods altogether, and only served the dog with this mixture of homemade dog food. Not only did it solve the allergy, but it also helped to keep her dog healthy and energetic.

It has also been found that venison is a type of meat that is allergy-free for the dog. It might help to prepare a homemade recipe that uses this type of meat. Also, duck is known to be hypoallergenic or free from allergens and chemicals that cause allergies. It might also be helpful to the dog if a homemade recipe incorporates or is based solely on duck meat.

Although more expensive than chicken, turkey is also known to be helpful to dogs with allergies. A simple homemade recipe includes ground turkey, carrots, sweet potato and green beans. Mix these together and feed them to your dog – either raw or cooked.

For more helpful tips on addressing your dog’s allergies with healthy homemade dog food recipes check out the most comprehensive homemade dog food recipe book there is.

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  1. Marian Beeman

    Hi Bridgett, I was just reading your article about allergies. My Beagle mix Maple started to inch and rub her butt 2 years ago so I took her to my vet. The vet said it was allergies and gave me some medication to stop the itch. As time went on the itch would come and go so I decided to take her to see a dermatologist who said she believed Maple had a food allergy as the rubbing of the butt indicated it was due to food. The one thing she did say was that most dogs are allergic to Chicken and Turkey so not to feed her that source of protein so I decided to give her Elk and Duck, which has helped immensely. I know she is allergic to chicken and turkey because once I introduced it back into her diet and with 24 hours she was itching herself to death. For the past 2 years I have only fed her a homemade diet but due to her allergies, I also stay away from foods that contain major amounts of histamine because if I give her any foods that contain histamine the itch starts again so let anyone out there know not to give their pets foods that contain histamine, like fish, tomatoes, fish oil, yoghurt etc because they will be adding to the itch.


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