Healthiest Dog Food

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Healthiest Dog Food

Healthiest Dog FoodDo you know what makes the healthiest dog food? This is an important question because after all, what goes in your dog is critical not just in the quantity of years he will live, but the quality of life he will enjoy as well. When it comes to your dog, canine nutrition is something you cannot take for granted, ever.

I have seen too many of my friends’ pets suffer from the deficiency of nutrients in the commercial dog food that is being fed to them. As much as you are able, you should provide a raw and natural diet for your dog, but if this is not possible, choose only the highest quality dog food to feed your dog.

So what is the healthiest dog foHealthiest Dog Food1od? Definitely if you have the time and energy to prepare it, you should give your dog a natural diet using raw food. Many people might be a little uncomfortable serving up uncooked meat and vegetables to their pets but if you think about it, there weren’t any stoves or ovens before and yet they thrived in the wild.

Dogs require a lot of protein in their diet, that is just how they were made. The best source of protein you can give them is meat (chicken, turkey, lean beef, etc.). Don’t worry about bacterial infections setting in your dog’s internal organs. The intestinal tract of canines is shorter and more acidic than its human counterparts so viruses don’t usually last long in it.Healthiest Dog Food

Do not cook the bones that you serve the dog. Cooked bones have a tendency to splinter and crack, causing choking hazards and possible internal problems when ingested. Chop them up and give it to them raw. If you happen to cook the bones, crush it and sprinkle it over his dish. Bones are a valuable source of calcium and phosphorus that benefit the dog greatly.

Fruits and vegetables are also critical elements in a dog’s diet. Carrots are a crunchy doggie treat favorite that you can give raw. These orange munchies are rich in vitamin A that improve vision and skin health. Vitamins D and E are also helpful in preventing heart disorders and skeletal sicknesses.

Many experts advise that fruits beHealthiest Dog given as snacks, instead of part of the meal. This will aid in better digestion. Make sure you remove the seeds and pits because they can trigger cyanide poisoning in animals. Lastly, give him plenty of water to regularly flush out toxins in his systems that may harm him in the long run.

Serving your dog fresh food can be more economical if you are able to plan and prepare your dog’s food plan well. However, if you do not have the time to do this, there are other healthy alternatives that you can use. Check out the links in this site to find out what the most recommended premium pet food in the market is. When you invest in the healthiest dog food, you will have the happy dog. Enjoy!

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