Healthier Dogs!

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Healthier Dogs!

How to Have Healthier Dogs!


DISCLAIMER:  Please note that I am not a vet, and I have no veterinary training whatsoever.  I’m simply a dog owner with an interest in keeping my dogs healthy, and passing on any information I’ve found useful with my own dogs, to other people.

If you’re a dog owner, then the chances are, you’re interested in having a healthier dog. After all, our dogs depend on us, their owners, to provide dog care for them.

Dog Care for Healthier Dogs Dog Care

Dog care encompasses all manner of dog health questions, dog food issues, and dog training techniques.

Here at Healthier Dogs, you’re going to find weekly, and often daily, updates on dog illnesses and dog health problems and their possible resolution by natural means, dog food nutrition and the best types of dog health food, as well as occasional dog recipes for homemade dog food, information on raw dog food and other premium dog food, dog grooming, dog and puppy training, dog products and so much more.

Dog health care is something that all dog owners should consider as almost important as their own health concerns. Because they don’t say the a dog is a man’s best friend for nothing.

Unconditional Love from our Healthier DogsDog Care

Our dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty. In return they deserve for us to do whatever we can to ensure that our dog’s health improves and remains at such an optimum level that our dog’s lives are enhanced and yes, lengthened.

All dog breeds today can, and should, live longer than they currently do. Why? Primarily the dog food we feed them. And the shortened life span is also contributed to by pet vaccinations, poisons and toxins in the dog’s environment (chemical flea control products and worming products and more), and the overuse of drugs, particularly antibiotics and steroids for dogs.

So stay tuned, and bookmark Healthier Dogs now! Call back here often.

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  1. marijke miller

    Very good information. There’s more on the site that I thought. The dog breeds. I like the natural food a lot. Every one at the dog park I go to are more more feeding all natural than the commerical food for dogs anyway.


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